Cover Story: Intelligent Choice

— Corporate Citizen

Arun Nathani, CEO and MD of the Pune-based Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd., a 5700-plus employee -strong product engineering and IT services company, is the quintessential first-generation entrepreneur—albeit with a difference. His story may well be the stuff of fairy tales, but his vision, far from being fueled by flights of fancy, rests on the solid edifice of a data-driven approach that promotes objectivity and rationality over all else. Not a man given to extremes of emotion or grandiosity of expression at any time, he nevertheless, makes an exception to admit that his incredible journey ‘would just not have been the same’ without the unstinting support of his spouse of 21 years, the effervescent RITU... A dentist by profession, a teacher at heart and an enthusiastic educator by choice, Ritu wears many hats with aplomb, including those of Managing Trustee, Cybage Khushboo and Cybage Asha and Director, Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd. With personalities as different as chalk from cheese, their marriage is a testimony to a shared value system that celebrates differences of opinion and respects the unique strengths brought to the table by each partner. It helps that both are united by a shared passion for education and perfection in every endeavour they take up, individually or jointly.Click here to read their story.