Cybage does a ‘Swades’ act, revamps a village. City-based IT firm provides necessary amenities to 1,000 villagers in Rajewadi


Rajewadi is a small village based in Satara district, 50 km from Pune. Till three years ago, it was just another village that lacked basic amenities and necessities. Today, the village wears a new look and the 1,000 villagers have a better lifestyle. They can now boast of various infrastructure developments like a library, lavatories and water reservoirs. Turning this dream into a reality is city-based software firm, Cybage Software, through its CSR arm CybageAsha. They had adopted the village three years ago and helped renew it completely. They now have been handed it over to the villagers. 

Deepak Nathani, COO, Cybage and founder, trustee, CybageAsha said that the undertook the rural uplift programme under CybageAsha after one of their employees hailing from Rajewadi expressed the need for better infrastructure and facilities. “When our CSR team visited the village of merely 1,000 villagers, it had poor sanitation. The village did not even have a proper library in the school. 

However, now, the village has been rebuilt with a tremendous makeover,” said Nathani. CybageAsha took up projects as per the requirement of the villagers. Villagers contributed by way of shramdan (voluntary work). This ensures ownership by villagers towards all the projects.” Till now, 13 lavatories have been constructed and underground drainage lines have been laid with the help of the villagers,” he said. As a part of the makeover, the team supported the gram panchayat to construct a proper kitchen for mid-day meals and assisted health camps and cleanliness drives. “Our people were managing without toilets and were staying in filthy surroundings, but with CybageAsha’s efforts, we have got a new lease of life. They not only taught us the importance of hygiene but also provided proper sanitation facilities,” said Sanjay Shedge, former Sarpanch, who was instrumental in starting this project.