Cybage Gains Access to Various SAP Offerings

— CIOL news

Cybage Software an emerging global leader in the software product engineering and IT services space, is now a SAP PartnerEdge Application Development Program partner.

With this partnership, Cybage gains access to a wide variety of SAP offerings, including SAP Sybase Unified Platform (mobile), SAP HANA (in-memory database) and many other SAP portfolio products. This will help the company capitalize on new generation mobile, cloud, analytics and CRM capabilities, driving efficiency along with higher customer engagement. 

“This alliance will strengthen business intelligence capabilities for Cybage, thus bringing its proficiency to practice through implementation of solutions, along with a detailed understanding of the best practices in the industry. This will help us deliver cutting edge technology solutions and services,” said Vikas Kumar Verma, Vice President – Emerging Technologies, Cybage Software.