Cybage helps water-starved villages

— Sakaal Times

Cybage's rented heavy earth-digging equipment, which are working day and night in Mawdi near Saswad-Supa road, is paving a way for the village stream to come back to life. This will result in restoration of five reservoirs located on its banks, which will help ground water level of areas surrounding the stream to see a considerable increase.

"We have already completed work on three reservoirs and the rest two will be ready before arrival of monsoon. De-silting the stream is a more well defined task than our earlier underground drainage CSR projects in Rajewadi," said the COO and Executive Director of Cybage, Deepak Nathani.

More than 70 CybageAsha representatives, who have been earlier involved in Cybage model village projects such as the one at Kanwadi, have been visiting the site of reservoirs on weekends. In addition, a dedicated three-member CSR team and city-based water consultant Paresh Tuljapurkar have been working to make the reservoirs functional.

With Kanwadi, Cybage is expecting to repeat the success of its Kanwadi model village, which is a recipient of a national award in recognition of its development.

"Concept of giving runs through the Cybage family and apart from CybageAsha, we also have Cybage Khushboo, which focuses on providing free scholarships to underprivileged students. Both these CSR activities combined have helped us deal with relevant social issues such as irrigation, education and drug de-addiction," said Nathani. Cybage has also been supplying water tankers to 10 drought-hit villages, most of them located on the Ahmednagar road. Fringe areas with bad road connectivity have also been provided tankers by Cybage. Cybage has also provided water storage tanks in localities such as Ekeri Aaicha Mala, Totar Mala, Narhe Vandh, Borban Vasti. "We decided to supply water tankers in areas of a 50 kilometer radius around Pune. The challenge was to deliver water in areas, which were left untapped by government relief agencies due to the inaccessibility due to bad roads," said Nathani.