Cybage Software Developing Platforms for Supply Chain Agility and Responsiveness

— CIOReview

Global supply chains have become complex and difficult to manage leading to a rise in businesses recognizing the necessity of a networked supply chain. Digital supply chain is making planning and operations faster, making them more efficient and accurate. Providing Supply Chain and Logistics solutions that can adapt quickly to changes in the business environment is the need of the hour. A recognized leader in the Technology and Product Engineering space with sophisticated SCM solutions is the Pune based company, Cybage, founded in 1995. Cybage has developed customized solutions with high configurability to adapt to changing environments. Be it Omni-channel initiatives or supply chain visibility challenges, Cybage’s integration capabilities add immense value in providing end-to-end solutions.

Cybage, with its strong technology background and partnerships with tier 1 product companies, provides readily available and customized solutions in supply chain planning, manufacturing, sourcing and procurement, logistics, returns management, and supply chain visibility. Through its Supply Chain and Logistics (SCL) vertical, Cybage provides its clients not just technology solutions but also business solutions- right from conceptualization to solution development to technical support.

A modern supply chain requires adequate planning and control mechanisms, including distributed architectures, cloud computing solutions, and decision support systems using data-driven models. With a team of 350 dedicated professionals including business analysts, solution architects, and consultants across technologies, focused CoEs and verticals, and strategic partnerships with tier1 software product companies, Cybage is able to offer the right set of combinations as its solutions, while fulfilling the promise of a shorter time to market. The competent team at Cybage has successfully developed loosely coupled platforms for supplier networks integration for multiple clients with powerful business process engines, document engines, and transformation engines that are designed to process complex sets of business rules and documents.

Client security is a priority for the Cybage team. Cybage ensures its EDI solutions and integration solutions always adhere to (IEEE) Secure Supply-Chain Collaboration (SSCC) norms, and use cryptographic techniques wherever required.
Cybage’s e-procurement solutions automates the ‘procurement’ business processes-buying and selling of material, product management, order management, delivery management, inventory management, invoice management, payment receipts, financial transactions, payment feeds, claims management, pricing management, reporting, and more. This enables Cybage’s clients to operate, manage, and setup trading networks over the web with a predefined workflow and communication engines.

Cybage has also ventured into developing a range of supply chain mobility applications to facilitate allocation, delivery, pickup, ad-hoc pickup, takeover, and returns management with notification, server-based communication with couriers on field or customers. It offers Telematics solution for fleets to provide on-board computers the capability to sync offline even in the absence of direct connectivity.

Cybage’s expertise in SCL can be gauged from the success stories of 3PLs and retailers for whom Cybage developed and implemented end-to-end solutions—right from the e-commerce platform to the last-mile delivery. Apart from its partnerships with tier1 suppliers for implementing software solutions for warehouse management and transportation management, Cybage has the requisite experience and skills to build middle layers, custom order management systems, and add inventory management capabilities on top of existing solutions. This makes Cybage a unique and powerful partner, which can help clients to take their supply chains to the next level.

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