Digital Transformation - Genie is out of the bottle

— Dataquest

​For any brand to survive it must evolve. There is nothing called survival, it is all about evolution. However, in today’s fast pace, evolution itself has a very different meaning and the gap between evolution and revolution (so called disruptive innovation) is reducing day by day.
Organizations are adopting “Digital Transformation” to evolve. Business leaders all over are highly excited and everyone I meet talks about it. In my profession, I meet lot of clients and one of the things that I am realizing is that business leaders are highly confused whether Digital Transformation is an IT strategy or Business strategy. Moment you think of Digital Transformation as an IT strategy, you will end up making few mobile apps, or few reports, and that’s pretty much it. These are mere transactions. Treat Digital Transformation as a business strategy and have your business 100% involved in the entire journey, I guarantee you will have better results.