I’m a calculated risk taker: Arun Nathani

— The Times of India (Times Life), National

Arun Nathani, CEO of Cybage Software share his secrets of life.

Managing work-life balance 
I value discipline and organise my life around things that happen day to day. Managing both, my personal and professional alliances is a part of my DNA. That could involve taking out time for each member of my family, or working towards my own professional goals.

Being a fit man 
Given my age, it's more about sustenance for me. Fitness for me, has two aspects: mental wellbeing and physical vitality. Fitness, as a concept and lifestyle, is deeply ingrained in my daily routine. Being healthy is a part of what makes me feel complete.

Energy high and happiness 
I like things that are intellectually stimulating. My work is application-based and not something that one would describe as routine, which keeps me quite stimulated.

Risk-taker or micro-planner 
I believe that a person can be both; I'm a calculated risk taker. Micro analysing helps me quantify my risks. This gathered awareness helps me decide whether or not I want to take the plunge.

Spiritual diet 
Writing is therapeutic to me. Penning down everything I learn and observe keeps me philosophical and my spiritual energies aligned. 
Handling failure and success 
Success and failure are two sides of the same coin - a part of everyone's life. I handle both reasonably well and don't let them hamper my mental equilibrium.

Crisis management 
It is imperative to develop a culture of calmness in your personal and professional life. It's important to understand that there can always be something that can go wrong. Having a 360-degree view to any crisis before reacting to it is important. You may realise that the crisis is in fact an opportunity.

The song I like to hum 
My song preferences are seasonal but one song that I really like is Give me some sunshine from 3 Idiots

A book that means a lot to me 
The Alchemist

A movie that moved me 
Portrayal of the child-parent relationship in Taare Zameen Par