Inside the Data-Driven Organization: In Conversation with Arun Nathani, Founder and CEO of Cybage



The interview discusses how Cybage, an IT services and consulting company is leveraging HR technology to drive efficiencies in hiring and people management.

In my role as an independent HR Tech analyst, I get to meet with practitioners and entrepreneurs looking to change the course of HR. In almost 90% of the cases, HR Tech entrepreneurs I meet are technopreneurs who quit their companies to create the product they believe will solve the problem they encountered in their organizations.

This month I had an opportunity to meet with Arun Nathani, Founder and CEO of Cybage. From my interaction with him, I couldn’t determine whether Arun is a practitioner or an entrepreneur or a practicing entrepreneur. The story of Cybage’s entry into HR Tech domain is an interesting one. This is one of the rare examples where an organization has built something based on their belief systems for internal usage, has used it for last 15+ years internally and is offering to its customer in a product format.

When I was talking to Arun, his conviction and focus on converting everything into data and taking a system view of the organization were clearly visible. In those 60 minutes I learned a great deal about Cybage and its HR Tech products, here are the excerpts from the conversation.