Job hunters with fake CVs up by 100 percent in last 5 years

— Pune Mirror

​Hit by the economic slowdown, jobs are getting increasingly difficult to come by and aspirants are doing all in their means — even faking CVs — to land their dream jobs. With the steep rise in discrepancies in employees’ credentials in the last two to five years, experts say the scenario is “extremely alarming”.

Employers in the city seek data bank with employee details, look to increase practice of filing complaints of fraudulent cases to tackle steep rise in unethical methods of finding jobs.

Elston Pimenta, Head HR of Cybage Software Ltd, said, “We have found 30 per cent of the candidates are faking their credentials to gain employment. We have a very stringent process where all the documents including the bank statements, address proof, salary slips etc. are screened and if we have the slightest doubt we don’t take it further." “In this year, we had two cases of false credentials,” Pimenta added.