Lack of clarity may be detrimental for CSR

— Indian Express

​With fresh amendments incorporated in the Companies Act, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is all set to get a boost. However, Deepak Nathani, Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Executive Director, Cybage, believes that the grey areas in the Act should be addressed before the amendments are implemented.

Nathani, who is also the incharge of company's CSR wing, said the best way to carry out social activities would be to have a registered trust.

"Once the trust is formed, there will be accountability and transparency in the way the money is spent on activities," he said.

Cybage conducts its CSR activities through the dual wings of CybageAsha and Khushboo foundation. While Khushboo foundation looks after the scholarship schemes of the company, CybageAsha takes care of various social initiatives of the company, including programmes for rural upliftment, de-addiction camps, social welfare and go green initiatives.

Nathani narrated how a de-addiction initiative helped people in Vimannagar slums where alcoholism was spelling doom for many families.

Along with Muktangan De-addiction Centre, CybageAsha conducted de-addiction programmes in the area. "It was a moving experience to see people being treated for alcoholism and lead a normal life," he said. The company plans to replicate the initiative in many other slums of the city.

The company also took up the case of village adoption after one of its employees described the sorry state of affairs in his village in Bhor taluka of Pune.

Making a strong case for companies to carry out CSR activities, Nathani said this allows employees of the company to get a sense of belonging. "When employees take part in such activities, their sense of belonging towards the company increases manifold," he said.