Like a Superboss – Cybage Software

— Pune Mirror

As Tata Sons’ director comes out with a new book on leadership, five corporate head honchos tell Mirror how the dynamics between the boss and subordinates has changed over the past decade

From Robin Sharma to Jack Welch, Stephen Covey to ex-Coca Cola CEO Neil Issdell, books on leadership have been a rage for several years. However, with changing times and the advent of the digital era, the relationship between bosses and subordinates has subtly, but certainly changed.
Formalities are being downplayed, employees are breaking out of the yes-man mould and a by-the-book approach is no longer reliable. As the lines in the hierarchy blur, how does a boss maintain his/her authority without seeming regressive? Mirror speaks to a few head honchos in the corporate world and gets their perspective. 

Arun Nathani, CEO, Cybage
What I have noticed most in all these years is that a boss has to be approachable and inspirational. Inspirational, not merely in an academic way but through his thought process and actions. For an employee, connecting to his/her boss is important and once that barrier is taken care of, working together is smooth. As a boss, you need to have a clinical and logical approach. You need to evaluate every move and make your employee feel comfortable. Some of the questions bosses should ask themselves are ‘Am I being fair?’ ‘Am I data driven?’ and ‘Am I thinking in a rational manner?’ An employee needs a logical boss who is not given to whims and fancies. A boss needs to be fair and ambitious and most importantly, roll up his sleeves and act.