New-age tools for Performance Appraisals

— TJinsite

It is that time of the year when HR professionals will undergo one of the most important exercise i.e. Performance Appraisals. There is often a lot of uncertainty that exists among employees around their performance reviews. The appraisers on the other hand, need to ensure the process is fair and communicated well to employees.

The advent of technology and the presence of growing number of millennials in the workforce has changed a lot of things in the new work world. In order to beat the competition to retain the best talent, organisations are continuously working towards reinventing and restructuring of the appraisal system.

A TimesJobs survey of more than 3,000 HR professionals was conducted recently to understand the performance appraisal process in their organisations, and how happy were the employees with the appraisals and rewards. The survey analysis reveals that as per 71% of employees, organisations still fall short of a watertight approach in identifying the true potential of employees and rewarding them accordingly.


Cybage follows a 360-degree feedback process as elaborated below:

  • Self-Appraisal Form – This form involves asking the employees to self-evaluate their performance on things like areas of improvements, accomplishments, training and development needs, etc.
  • Peer Appraisal Form – This involves peers to provide inputs on specific aspects of an individual’s performance, with whom they have previously worked.
  • Manager’s Appraisal Form – This form allows you to assess your Manager’s skills and capabilities.
  • Meeting Evaluation Form - The meeting evaluation form allows the employee to provide feedback of the appraisal meeting.


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