Pune is a full grown city, still has scope to grow in many ways – Mr. Arun Nathani (interview)


Pune, as a city, has the potential to grow and flourish in many ways than one. I would like to start with education. The city has a good mix of B-schools and institutes. They are catering well to the students’ population too. But what I find missing are Tier 1 institutes like the IITs and IIMs. The IT industry in the city has to move out when it comes to hiring high profile candidates. At such times, we end up competing with the international market. So, if we had institutes giving us candidates of such calibre within the city we would not have to look outside. The quality of education needs to improve and we should focus on getting grade one schools or colleges to make a difference.

Another sector that I feel can do much more in terms of improvement is the transport in the city. To start with, we could have a makeshift airport connectivity to Mumbai airport, where in the three hour drive will be reduced. It will be a blessing in disguise for regular travellers who board flights from Mumbai. It is a practical suggestion which will not only cut down traffic time but also make a difference to regular fliers.

In terms of connectivity there are other things like quality of roads. We need to get in auditors who will conduct regular checks, which will avoid fatal incidents. Also, maintenance of roads and dividers should be looked into. For example, the plants and trees between dividers grow haphazardly and horizontally causing inconvenience while driving. As it is the roads are so congested, why does one need those trees. Instead, there should be a proper plan to get in plants that will fit in well. 

Tourism helps build economies in the city taking it a to a completely new level. This is another aspect I find lacking in the city. When overseas clients come down we have nothing much to boast of than the regular sight-seeing offerings. But, those are not enough. There needs to be a conscious focus to build tourism in the city. This will help the IT sector as it forms one of the reasons to get down clients and employees in the city. A stronger ethical and political driven environment will also make a major difference in the city.