Reinventing Talent Recruitment: Cybage Software

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Cybage Software has cultivated a strong employer brand by redesigning its people and recruitment policies to effectively use insights from data.

Cybage is a technology consulting organization specializing in outsourced product engineering services. With function across ten countries and a highly skilled talent pool of more than 6,000 employees, As a leader in the technology and product engineering space, the organization has a rapidly growing workforce. Thus in order to attract the best talent, it was imperative to cultivate a formidable employer brand to conduct successful campus hiring drives and lateral hiring drives. Here’s how Cybage created a strong employer brand while ensuring that the right candidate was employed at the right compensation.

The Objective
With the emergence of new technologies, the present recruitment scenario in the tech industry has become extremely competitive. Campus placements and lateral recruitment drives usually result in a high number of offers being extended, which leads to inconsistencies in the hiring process, when compared to the candidates' qualification. To ensure parity and diversity in the recruitment process, it was necessary to assess candidates from different colleges, organizations and geographical locations and weigh their performance on valuation and retention.

In addition to redesigning the hiring process and assessing potential candidates using predictive workforce management solutions, Cybage also had to develop a strong employer brand to be placed at the front of the chain during campus recruitment and attract the best talent. Thus, a complete overhaul of the existing workforce management practices was needed in order to develop a transparent, unbiased, merit-driven ecosystem in the organization and create a compelling employer brand.

The Intervention
With the task cut out, Cybage set out to eliminate subjective decision-making in their workforce management and hiring process and replace it with data-based decision-making. The following initiatives were taken to the same effect:
WE @ Cybage: Wellness and Engagement were identified as the top priorities to ensure workplace happiness and help employees find meaningful experiences in their work.
DecisionMines™: A proprietary product, DecisionMines™, is a top digital decision-making platform that leverages machine learning and predictive analytics from data. DM was also used in workforce management to make the organization a fairer and great place to work.
Gratifi™: An employee rewards and recognition platform to help make a data-based decision on the type and frequency of employee rewards.

These initiatives also required a simultaneous development of robust execution policies and strategies. Firstly, a comprehensive set of policies were defined, which were interpreted as a win-win situation for both the organization and the employees. This helped develop some innovative practices to promote employee work-life balance. Next, investments were made in internal IT systems, like MIS, HRMS, Payroll, PMS and other application to generate and analyze extensive data sets to help the organization make better decisions. While it did take time and training to create a culture of appreciation and familiarize the workforce with the features of the platforms, there is continuous monitoring and upgrading of both the products to identify and solve challenges. Currently, 25 different data decision points across the HR function generate a large amount of data that is analyzed daily.

The impact
The changing people and recruitment policies at Cybage have helped diverse, talented and deserving candidates in being hired and promoted in the organization.
• There is a 32 percent representation of women in the organization - the highest in the industry.
• Cybage Software is amongst the top recommended companies on Glassdoor with an approval rating of 84 per cent and a 96 percent approval rating for the CEO.
• The attrition rate has displayed a consistent downward trend.
• Twenty-five percent of the organization's former employees return owing to the organic reputation of being one of the best places to work
What's more, new practices have also curbed workplace politics and conflict and fostered healthy workplace values and culture. Arun Nathani, CEO and Managing Director, Cybage Software, says that the new people-first approach in the workforce management and recruitment process has positively impacted the overall business environment by making it more efficient and successful. The new people policies have been recognized and awarded by several external agencies and organizations. Thus, by effectively using the data collected from multiple points, Cybage Software has been able to continually improve its employee policies regarding hiring, training, reskilling and upskilling programs and engagement activities by gathering and scrutinizing the employee response.

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