Techies should be data driven


With the threat of recession looming large on the minds of IT professionals and fresh recruits, Arun Nathani, CEO & MD of Cybage Software strongly recommends that to-be professionals have to be ‘data-driven’. Nathani, while speaking to DNA said that although academically, Indian students are excellent, they lack practical skills that is necessary to make it big. 

“Our education system has to be made more result-oriented and make aspiring professionals more adept. The IT industry since the beginning understood that professionals need to be re-trained time and again. In the present scenario, if the newly recruited professional starts being data-driven, chances of him/her surviving the rat-race becomes brighter,” he said. 

According to Nathani, unlike popular belief, the IT industry is far from reaching saturation. “Digitalisation will reach every aspect of human life and thus the industry will grow. A major scope of growth for the industry will be various aspects of the government, which will opt for digitalization at a very fast pace soon,” he said.

He said that in the near future, companies will have to need to concentrate on efficiency per unit to survive in the market in the future.