Technology Predictions 2019 : Jagat Pal Singh, CTO, Cybage

— Cyber Media Report – Technology Trends Dossier 2019


Augmented Reality, data storage and management, cognitive conversational systems, machine learning applied to software development life cycle and consumer behaviour, IoT & edge computing, and Blockchain implementations will have a significant impact on our industry.

Other interesting events to watch out would be Oracle making Java paid and IBM buying RedHat (read as future Cloud giant).

The year 2019 would see proliferation of deep learning, cognitive conversational APIs into chatbots and personal voice assistants being the first line of customer interactions with businesses.

Our industry is taking another step toward businesses going 24x7 for customer convenience and engagement. Personalization will take another big leap where not only recommendations on products and services will be designed for specific consumer needs but even channel, mode and time will be of their choice.

Interactions will cater to specific audience and the voice, tone and lingo used by these “robots” will make it even more personal. To deliver this next level of personalization also requires understanding the customer, capturing their digital footprints, mining and learning from them.

Augmented Reality will become a powerful medium for marketing to drive customer engagement and discovery of products and services. There will be emergence of innovative promotions in tandem with social media that leverages augmented reality.

Enterprises will continue to expect accelerated delivery to market and responsiveness to customers, which will be provided by innovations like machine learning based user behavior driven test engineering.

Performance engineering is expected to replace performance testing to cater to higher number of interactions generated by multiplying user devices and internet accessibility.

More focus will go into making cloud native applications leveraging various cognitive services and existing ones will see higher rates of migration to cloud. Enterprises will design applications and solutions keeping in mind integration with chatbots, voice assistants and AR tools.

Significant focus will go into getting the data house in order, more and more enterprises will adopt data lakes (or virtual data lakes), bring in governance policies and work towards democratization of data to be used by various functions. They will focus on designating data science teams and investing more in R&D to leverage the new oil data.