Top 5 Platforms solving critical business needs of fast-growing enterprises

— TechNuter


Enterprises today are cornered with the ever-changing business landscapes and a growing competition, both from the industry incumbents and start-ups. The evolving ecosystem requires enterprises to remain ahead of the curve and always prepared for the unexpected. With the ever tightening grip and growing stakes, several platforms have come up to offer selective services to the fast-growing enterprises. From enterprise communication to cyber-security, tech consulting and more, these platforms are helping India’s fast-growing enterprises better manage their ventures and achieve the aspirational business growth.

A trustworthy tech partner: Cybage

Tech consulting has the potential for opening hidden vistas for the start-ups, mid-size companies and large-scale enterprises. To the same end, Cybage solves complex problems for its clients using new-generation technologies for Cloud, Mobility, E-commerce, Data Analytics, Social Collaboration, and enables enterprise-wide digital transformation.

Working with the world’s best Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), the solution by Cybage are focused on modern technologies, and are enabled by a scientific, data-driven system called DecisionMines™ for Digital Excellence. This unique model de-risks the approach, provides better predictability, and ensures a better value per unit cost.