‘US talent crunch takes midcap IT to Canada, Mexico'

— The Economic Times


Tough immigration policy, coupled with high cost of talent, is making it difficult for cos to find right people in US 

The current immigration policy, coupled with the high cost of local talent, is making it increasingly difficult for companies to find the right kind of people locally. In this situation, hiring in the neighbouring Canada and Mexico is emerging as a viable option. Having local talent in these markets makes it easier to move people to the US if needed. For instance, the equivalent of the H-1B visa, the TN visa is cheaper and quicker to process, and has no annual quota. In the past five years, the rejection rates for H-1B visas from India have gone up from low single digits to 40% for some of the larger IT firms.

ET recently reported that more Indian software professionals were turning to Canada owing to its favourable immigration policy. Privately-held Cybage, set up a centre in Toronto, Canada, last year. “From the visa standpoint, the policy for Canada is simpler compared to North America, making it more feasible,” said Amit Gajwani, Executive VP, Sales and Business at Cybage.

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