CybageAsha constructs toilets in many villages

— Sakal Times

CybageAsha under its rural development vertical has taken up the project of toilet construction in its adopted villages, in line with the government of India's Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan. 

Till date, CybageAsha has constructed more than 380 toilets in nine villages across Shirur, Mulshi, Purandar, Bhor and Maval talukas in Pune district. CybageAsha's toilet construction project spans across villages namely Dahiwadi, Jamgaon, Laptalwadi, Mavadi, Mutha, Nawali, Yewali, Ingalun and Mavadi Kade Pathar. All toilets are concrete structures with soak pits located behind each toilet.

Ritu Nathani, Director Cybage and Managing Trustee CybageAsha and CybageKhushboo said, "This project is a fine example of a private-public partnership. Each beneficiary village contributed 50 per cent of the total amount and the balance 50 per cent was contributed by CybageAsha. It has brought about a positive change in the villagers' attitude towards maintaining health, hygiene and sanitation."