Cybage signs an 'Implementation Partnership' agreement for e-Commerce platform

June 3, 2009  

Cybage Software, A Leading Global software services provider with dedicated focus on eCommerce solutions, today signed an "Implementation Partnership" agreement with DS Data Systems (UK) Ltd for the KonaKart enterprise eCommerce platform.

Commenting on the partnership, Vikas Verma Head-eCommerce practise at Cybage said "As a leading global software services provider, Cybage specializes in various Industry verticals including Retail and eCommerce. Cybage’s eCommerce practice serves a large number of leading Online Merchants, Payment solution providers and some of the global leaders in eCommerce technology space. In order to further enhance our offering to this segment, we have been keenly evaluating strategic partnerships with enterprise eCommerce platform providers to leverage this for the specialized needs of the multi-channel retailing segment; our partnership with KonaKart in this context is very significant. We are very delighted at our partnership with DS Data Systems for their KonaKart platform, as this gives Cybage privileged access to specialized resources, technical know-how and support to build implementation expertise on this leading eCommerce platform and also allows KonaKart specialized and preferential excess to Cybage’s technology and domain expertise to provide a strong eCommerce enabling and professional services alternatives to its customers" 

John Hornsby, CEO of DS Data Systems, stated that he was “very pleased to have signed a Partnership agreement with Cybage and highly-optimistic about the opportunities ahead for both companies. Coming at the end of a record quarter of growth in the uptake of KonaKart in the unrelenting boom in java eCommerce, Cybage are poised for great success as KonaKart system integrators. They have made significant investments in preparing for KonaKart implementation projects and have already reached a high-level of expertise. We look forward to working together in this new Partnership”. 

About Cybage:

Founded in 1995, Cybage is a leading software services company with a proven track record of over 14 years in the global IT industry. Cybage provides a wide array of high value software services under a global delivery framework. These services are offered on a broad and comprehensive foundation of our ExcelShore TM model of Operational Excellence. Cybage’s major strength lies in Outsourced Product Development (OPD) segment. However, what is unique about Cybage is that its strengths can rightly be manifested in their value delivery through encapsulation of operational excellence. Cybage’s ExcelShore™ Model of Operational Excellence is the company’s innovative concept in the global IT industry. Cybage is in the process of moving up the value chain through a gradual and careful expansion of business practices driven services portfolio. So far, Cybage’s target market by and large has been the software product companies – Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) as they are popularly known as. Having seen an excellent response from the market, Cybage now is poised to offer services to diverse industry verticals – the end users of IT systems. Wjile North America remains the largest market contributing 80 percent of the total business, other markets include Europe, Australia, New Zealand and India. However, UK & Netherlands are major focus areas in Europe. Cybage’s vast client portfolio spans across verticals like Travel & Hospitality, Interactive Marketing, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Security, e-Commerce, Telecom, BFSI & CRM. Key clients include the likes of Microsoft, HSBC, Symantec, Electronic Arts, SAP, Google, Lexis Nexis, to name a few. 

 About KonaKart:

KonaKart, a solution from DS Data Systems (UK) Ltd is a leading Enterprise Java eCommerce platform that enables merchants to rapidly create highly scalable, flexible, integrations driven, high performance enterprise eCommerce infrastructure. With offices in UK and Italy, DS Data Systems focuses extensively on continued product enhancement and has an impressive product roadmap that puts KonaKart in a segment of niche players. KonaKart is also ranked as one of the leading eCommerce platforms by "practical ecommerce".