Cybage wins the "Best Mature Workforce Practices" Award

February 9, 2011  

​Cybage was felicitated with the "Best Mature Workforce Practices" award at a recent awards function organized by in association with the World HRD Congress. The HR leadership awards were given to felicitate leading practices followed by organizations and individuals, who have contributed positively towards their organization's goals and have also set new benchmarks for practices to be followed in the HR domain as a whole. Cybage was adjudged the best in this category amongst all the participating organizations that included not just IT biggies, but a healthy representation from the entire spectrum of the Indian industry. What makes this award even more timeless and satisfying is the knowledge that the deciding vigor behind this recognition was our ExcelShore®! This first-in-line credible acknowledgement of our ExcelShore® operational efficiency model manifests Cybage’s thought leadership in global IT industry.

About ExcelShore®
ExcelShore® puts Cybage's core competency of Operational Excellence at work for delivering software projects; thereby enabling clients to realize their business objectives from the outsourcing relationship. It is a suite of decision support and control systems that provides the dashboard of strategic key performance indicators (KPIs) both at organization and project levels. Such KPIs encompass almost all facets of the organization, as well as all phases of project execution. For instance, team composition, skillsets, workload balancing, resource movement, account health, project profitability, performance appraisal & analytics, recruitment and analysis of measuring efficiency, attrition, planning and execution of training, and so on. This helps determine whether projects, accounts or the organization as a whole is deviating from the intended objectives and identify the reasons for such deviations so that those can be effectively mitigated.