Cybage's earnest attempt to bring relief to the drought-hit villages

May 31, 2013  
  • Aims at long-term water supply by desilting the river bed at Mawdi Pimpri village
  • Supplying water through water tankers and tanks to nearly 10 villages

Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd., through its CSR arm, CybageAsha, believes in long-term solutions to improve the quality of life in villages by engaging in infrastructure developmental activities near Pune. Recently, CybageAsha has been engaged in constructive projects on water harvesting and water supply, which would benefit the villagers and make a difference in the long-run. CybageAsha came across a few villages that were badly hit due to drought and faced severe water scarcity in running the daily chores and even for drinking water.

As a pilot project, CybageAsha brings relief to the inhabitants of the drought-stricken Mawdi Pimpri village near Saswad-Supa Road. Mawdi is situated near a rivulet, which is fed by water from the overflow of the two lakes situated in the nearby villages namely Pisaware and Tekawade. The problem identified by CybageAsha here is two-fold. Firstly, the rivulet has dried up and secondly, layers of silt have saturated the rivulet, thus affecting its water storage capacity and making the rivulet ineffective. Here, CybageAsha stepped into action through an ambitious desilting project. The silt is being dug out to deepen the rivulet, thus reinstating the water reservoirs that were already in place. This developmental work will facilitate effective water harvesting in the coming rains and also prevent any such drought situation in future.

In yet another attempt to help the drought-hit villages, CybageAsha has identified 10 such villages near Pune where water tankers are being provided to the villagers by the trust. Localities such as Ekeri aaicha mala, Totar mala, Narhe Vandh, Borban Vasti, Pimpal Wadi, Malwadi, and Harijan Vasti in Pabal village; Thakar Vasti in Kendur village; Thakar Vasti in Nimgaon, and Mawdi Pimpri village are being benefited from this initiative. Furthermore, in order to ensure proper storage of the supplied tanker water, the trust is also donating Sintex water tanks to these villages. This initiative has been well received by the beneficiaries that started from April 2013 and will continue until mid-June 2013. Today, these villages not only get regular and even supply of water with a frequency of three times per week through the water tankers, but also have the facility of storing water.

Mr. Deepak Nathani, COO, Cybage Software and Head – CybageAsha comments, “While on one hand, we are providing temporary relief to villages by ensuring consistency in water supply, on the other hand, we are working on a long-term and permanent solution to rid the villagers of this inherent problem by desilting the rivulet in Mawdi village.” He further adds, “Mawdi village is our pilot project, the success of which will encourage us to implement the same model in several other villages in future.”

About CybageAsha
Founded in October 2003, CybageAsha is a registered trust that works across various sections of the society in rural and urban areas with a core vision of spreading smiles and bringing in positive difference to the lives of the needy. CybageAsha is involved in various social development activities that spread across fields such as village adoption, alcohol de-addiction in city slums, social welfare initiatives, and go-green initiative.

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