Submitted by mahamadasifm on Tue, 10/26/2021 - 09:53

Experience: 3+ years

  • Relevant experience in application development and ReactJS.
  • Knowledge of React hooks such that useContext, useReducer, useEffect.
  • Knowledge of Webpack and NPM like Handlebars.js, Github
  • Exposure to responsive web page designing.
  • Require a highly skilled resources with the skillset Typescript, React, Jest, Storybook, React Query. Typescript and React is required skillset.
  • Good hands on experience on ReactJS, HTML, CSS, Javascript Experience of integrating with backend and SQL knowledge . Knowledge of Azure Services for integration.
  • knowledge of React props and state management (both functional and class component)
  • Strong understanding of Error boundary concept of react.
  • Work experience with any react based UI library or Redux is preferable
  • Experience in building cross-browser layouts with CSS and HTML
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