Submitted by archanilk on Sun, 07/10/2022 - 18:04

Experience: 10-12 Years

The candidate should have 10 – 12 years of experience with at least 3 years of experience in Team Leader position in support project.

Good to have someone from SCL / with WMS knowledge.


  • Rotational Shifts/Night Shifts : Yes/No – Specifics of shift timings : 06:30 to 15:30 and 13:30 to 22:30
  • WFH till December 2021/WFO from day 1 of employment with Cybage : WFO from day 1


Technical Requirements :


To be the right fit, you will need:


  • Primary and Foreign Key relationship
  • UNION and UNION ALL and its difference
  • DML Statement. Check with few examples.
  • String Functions, Date time Functions and Constraints
  • How to debug SP / functions
  • Joins and its types
  • Stored procedure. Why we use stored procedures. How to fix issue when stored procedure suddenly is slow/timing out.
  • what is Output parameter in stored procedure and how to use it. Check with Ex.
  • Sub query and its types
  • Typecasting
  • Indexes. How clustered and non-clustered indexes work.
  • knowledge of Triggers and how they work
  • What is transaction and how it works
  • What is deadlock and how to fix it
  • Difference between deadlock and blocking
  • Knowledge of SQL server profiler is advantage
  • Should know how to update data using joins
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