Submitted by archanilk on Sun, 07/10/2022 - 18:29

EXPERIENCE: - 2+ Years

The key aspects of this role:

  • Operational Support
  • Utilize internal and external systems to investigate payment issues, conduct analysis, and resolve more routine business problems, including but not limited to, Payments Operations reporting environments and analytic tools, reporting and analytic tools of 3rd party payment processing vendors, enterprise reporting solutions and reporting data repositories, payment gateway and commerce platforms, enterprise logging and monitoring systems
  • Investigates and resolves payment processing issues and recommends process improvements to global 3rd party payment processing vendors
  • Point of contact with our global 3rd party payment processing vendors to investigate and resolve payment processing issues and recommend process improvements. 
  • Collaborate with Engineering teams to investigate payment processing issues.
  • Executes production test transactions to troubleshoot payment processing issues
  • Collaborate with Customer Operations, TOC, and Accounting teams to identify, investigate root cause, and resolve stuck or broken payment transactions
  • Collaborates with cross functional operational teams on continuous improvement initiatives
  • Supports teams with rollouts of new payment methods, 3rd party vendor integrations and enhancements
  • Maintains payment gateway transaction routing rules, processor retry and failover configurations, site specific and default billing optimization configurations
  • Maintains payment method implementation guides and support documentation
  • Participates in payment processor integration upgrade projects, payment processor migration projects, and payment cost reduction programs.
  • Review payment processor integration specifications, payment method vendor specifications, card brand processing rules
  • Data Analysis
  • Support business service requests and ad-hoc data analysis requests of payment transactions or performance trends for Client Services/Operations, Delivery Consulting, and Product Development teams.
  • Collaborate with other analysts to design, support, and advance data reporting and analytic tools, methodologies, and practices
  • Product Development and Industry Research
  • Work with Product Development to operationalize and rollout new payment methods, 3rd party vendor integrations, and enhancements. 
  • Collaboration with other merchants to identify industry best practices and metric benchmarks. 


To be the right fit, you will need:

  • Ticket based issue resolution experience
  • Microsoft Excel – able to create pivots, charts, and graph visualizations
  • Analytical skills – Able to identify patterns in data
  • Troubleshooting skills – Able to go through logs and identify issues.
  • PL/SQL – experience in writing complex Oracle and MySQL queries involving joins


Additional desired skills

  • Ecommerce experience
  • API experience 
Job Location