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Experience – 10+ years

Roles & responsibilities:-

  • Able to provide quick solution for Azure Architecture which includes
  • Eliminate COLO data center
  • Migrate SQL Database as managed service
  • Optimize licensing and automate configurations
  • Optimize number  of databases
  • Setting up best practices


To be the right fit, you'll need:

  • Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect who is familiar with building out infrastructure in Azure with concepts around high availability, Disaster Recovery and Platform as a Service.
  •  10+ Yrs. Experience in Azure virtual machine deployment and implement data center operations
  • Architect strategy and prepare plan for migration of on premise or COLO datacenter workloads to Azure clouds taking into consideration application architecture, network configurations, security and identity management
  • Experience in cloud network architecture Design using Azure virtual networks, VPN, Subnet, Application Gateway
  • Extended working knowledge in cloud service, IaaS, worker role, storage accounts and API Management
  • NSGs Configuration for web applications, VNETs and subnets as per the project requirement
  • Experience in Administrating SQL database, Azure data Lake, Azure SQL Database, Data Bricks and Azure SQL Data warehouse
  • Experience in Azure IAAS services like Virtual Network, Azure VPN gateway (Site -to-Site & Point-to-site) implementation, Azure File share, Windows Virtual Desktop/RDS and Azure Firewall implementation
  • Experience in Azure PAAS/SAAS services like App Services, FTP, Azure SQL, Storage, Optimize and Monetize
  • Experience in implementing Application Gateway, WAF, Reverse proxy and HTTP/HTTPS redirect in Azure
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