UX services

We prefer to add value to every application or product that has a user interface (UI). Irrespective of the platform, operating system, vertical, or domain, the Cybage UX team is adept at handling user experience (UX) challenges and has successfully delivered quality work for more than eight years.​​

Our user-centered design approach ensures that every aspect of design is taken care of and tested with the end users in mind.


It is at the core of any project that we handle for a complete UX. We follow multiple methods to ensure users’ satisfaction with the application.​

User research

When we talk about User-centered design (UCD), it is implicit that users come first and hence understanding the users, their demographics and psychographics, and their expectations and interactions with the system is vital for coming up with the perfect-fit design solution. The Cybage UX Group has been involved in multiple projects for user research to help clients plan the re-enhancement, followed by the Design phase.

Once the target users, primary and secondary users, and user groups are understood with the help of stakeholders, and personas or scenarios are created, multiple data gathering methods are followed based on the type and complexity of the requirement.


User interviews


This method involves personal interview sessions with the end users. The method is suggested and performed when understanding the users’ psyche and expectations is important. It helps in capturing:

  • What users need from the site, application, or product
  • What are their key goals
  • What do they feel about the application or interaction
  • What are their wishes from the application or product

This method helps in capturing qualitative data that can provide insight into what more is required to be accommodated in the design for a better UX.


Focus groups


This method is suggested when feedback for any new approach or design is required from a larger audience. It helps in capturing first-level response on a new design or approach, users’ thinking process and attitude towards the change, and the acceptance level. It helps in connecting with 8-20 users at a time to get the feedback.


Usability testing


When it comes to capturing detailed feedback on interaction design before or during the Design phase, getting the task flows tested with the actual users helps in making the design meet the users' expectations. The Cybage UX team has performed UTs and remote UTs for many clients so far and has its own UT lab to carry out these tests.


Contextual inquiry


This research technique is used when the environment plays a role in the users’ interaction with the system. The focus is on traveling to users’ locations, capturing the user interaction in a particular context, and recording it to identify pain areas in the existing design. The Cybage UX team has performed contextual inquiries for clients from Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality, and other domains.




Surveys are done when quantitative data is more important than interacting with individuals to capture qualitative data. In this method, a large number of users can be contacted at the same time to get information. This technique is quite useful at the initial stage of product or design conceptualization to understand the psyche of the users and their expectations.


Interaction design



It is important to understand the target user groups and consider them throughout the Design phase. Hypothetical users (personae) are created to represent actual user groups and scenarios or task flows are written around them. This helps is getting close to the actual users’ expectations and considering them till the end of the Design phase. These personae also help in identifying the user profiles for Usability testing or any other data gathering method.




These are combinations of multiple use cases pertaining to real-life stories. Use cases are action driven wherein scenarios are completely based on real-life situations in which a user interacts with systems. Writing scenarios for various personae is helpful for both usability reviews and design.


Usability reviews


While re-enhancing the existing design, reviews play a major role. Conducting a walkthrough of the application or website while keeping personae and scenarios in mind makes it easy to find defects and areas for improvement. These can be quick page reviews or detailed usability reviews, as per heuristic principles. Most of the projects that the UX Group handles in Cybage go through reviews and usability tests to check for bottlenecks in the design. Formative and summative methods are used during the project life cycle.


Comparative analysis


This method is quite similar to usability reviews. Here, reviews are done for multiple sites together, comparing them on various parameters. These are quite helpful in finding where a particular website stands as compared to its competitors.


Task analysis


It is important to understand the users’ goals, their interactions, and thought process while they are performing tasks on any application or product. This phase involves identifying the gaps in the existing task flow and coming up with new hierarchical task flows using task flow diagrams. This helps in breaking down larger or complex tasks into smaller or simpler task flows and working on each one independently to get close to the expectations users have from the design solution.


Information architecture


The hierarchy of information plays a major role in the way users will interact with the system to find the required information without any hassles. It is important to capture the logic that goes into finding information and design the solution accordingly. It needs to be a data-driven method and hence, we use the card sorting method with actual users to understand their thought processes and implement them to define the information architecture of the application or website.


Paper prototype


Once the information architecture is completed, rough paper sketches are created for key screens that can be tested quickly and are easy to change. Changes carried out early on save time later. Expectancy tests are carried out here with the users to get early feedback on design. This method also helps designers and developers to brainstorm on solutions.


Low-fidelity prototype


Quick wireframes are created keeping the scenarios and task flows in mind and tested with the users. This method involves a quick translation of high-level concepts, which are easy to change.


High-fidelity or interactive prototypes


After quick prototyping and tests with users, enough feedback is gathered to move on to the next level and come up with an interactive, high-level concept. Each wireframe is detailed out to enable users to get a feel of the final design. At this stage, users are able to navigate through the application or website and provide feedback.

Understanding the users and branding

To create visual concepts, it is important to first understand the target users and their demographics and psychographics. The target user group plays a major role in identifying how the personality of the design needs to be mapped with the brand personality or attributes and user preferences. The play of colors would also depend largely on the target audience.

Similarly, understanding the brand attributes and following defined guidelines is a key aspect for us. Visual design concepts that the Cybage UX Group comes up with will be based on these two aspects.


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