Visual design

Visual design plays a major role in provi​ding a good UX to the end users. It goes beyond the look and feel or supporting good information architecture. It needs to first support branding guidelines, be welcoming to the users, retain them for longer, become a key differentiator for people to remember and make associations with the brand, and help in understanding the information hierarchy. It is important to follow the design trends while achieving the rest of the goals.

Visual concepts

Along with branding guidelines, all the design principles are followed to create visual concepts. Two to three concepts are created with different approaches. These approaches are discussed and reviewed at every stage. All the key brand attributes are considered for all concepts. It is then up to the stakeholders to select one of them. We also suggest a Brand Attribute Test to be carried out with the end users to obtain the users’ preferences.

Visual design guidelines

Detailed branding guidelines explaining the visual language, transitions, fonts, and effects are created to explain the design style. This is helpful in creating further sections and converting designs into HTML mockups or desktop designs.

Design elements

Based on the concepts, the team creates design elements such as icons, illustrations, 3-D graphics, animations, and infographics. Concepts for each individual design element are sketched, brainstormed, and finalized. These elements are then explained in the visual design guidelines.


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