Dan Hurley

Chief Technology Officer, Professional Health Care Network LLC

Dan Hurley

It does not matter what we ask Cybage to do; they will always figure out a way to accomplish it with success. No matter how complicated a task is, they always finish on budget and on schedule. That, to me, is impressive and also why I consider Cybage a key extension of PHCN's development team!

As a leading Post-Acute Management Services company, PHCN delivers innovative, home-based, post-acute solutions that utilize proprietary technology and processes. And Cybage was engaged to offer development assistance for these proprietary systems. To do that, the Cybage team quickly learned pertinent healthcare terminology and precise workflows, allowing PHCN to upgrade and add enhancements to the existing platform. This further empowered us to grow and scale the business.

Throughout our association, the most impressive quality Cybage displayed was the ability to understand our business and business requirements very quickly. The teams then leveraged this understanding to take action and build superior products just as promptly. Their ability to move very fast while maintaining outstanding quality has been exceptional!

While maintaining this pace, Cybage also effectively worked with the PHCN team, collaborating across multiple time zones and global regions. And our teams continue to stay connected through the collaborative cloud chat solutions. Using an agile project management sprint board equipped us with a way to track and document work & tasks, enabling teams to work seamlessly together 24/7, regardless of location or time. 

In addition, Cybage brought its expertise and talent to the table on-demand. For example, they rapidly staffed a team, learning and understanding PHCN's preparatory platform to meet our growth timelines. And if PHCN needed a senior-level resource within a specific technology stack, they were able to provide that resource quickly!

The technology architects and resources from Cybage enabled PHCN to design and build cloud-based systems and resources within a current and standard technology stack. Their expertise further allowed PHCN to utilize new technologies to maintain future growth needs.