Convergence of Guest, Brand, and Platform Experience

This paper explores the dynamics of the hospitality sector under numerous environments. It gives a quick situational analysis of the COVID disruption, transformation of the hospitality landscape, and multi-dimensional viewpoints of key stakeholders. It gives an account of the changing paradigm of the customer perspective and the role of digital platforms to accelerate business transformation and regain lost ground. It brings in differentiating thoughts of a conglomerate platform to drive change and provides a brief about the entire customer platform landscape with the introduction of the one platform that is equipped to function as an entire conglomerate platform. The paper investigates why this one platform has more value over proprietary hospitality platforms, and how it is adequate to satisfy the needs of the entire industry. The paper connects market research and strategies that businesses could adopt regarding long-term expenditure and preparation.

Cybage studies the current state of the hospitality industry to define its future roadmap. Instead of evaluating COVID-19 disruption in silos, we converge it with digital transformation and the bandwagon of key entities’ expectations to deliver solutions for the hospitality industry’s value chain needs. Cybage understands the journey will be unique to each hotelier aligned to their strategic business priorities. Our final step has been to translate the results of the analysis into concrete actions to overturn the existing situation and prepare for any unprecedented future.