Core Commerce Expertise

The e-commerce solutions space continues to evolve at a rapid pace. New business models, new and evolving methods of acquiring, converting, fulfilling, and retaining shoppers bring in incrementally extensive specialization, complexity, and maturity in e-commerce building blocks solutions. The maturity of these constituent building blocks determines the maturity of the e-commerce platforms. Strong core-commerce business process understanding, knowledge and experience of contemporary methods, practices, and solutions are enablers of successful e-commerce implementations today.


Over the years, Cybage has focused extensively on being a solutions provider of full-life–cycle e-commerce solutions (custom and integrations based) and specialized integrator and solutions provider for core-commerce building blocks. We bring extensive domain knowledge, implementation and integrations expertise, and extensive experience and knowledge of contemporary solutions, approaches, and best practices for core-commerce solutions and core-commerce solution building blocks segments. Our expertise includes extensive experience of creating, maintaining, and enhancing solutions for the following e-commerce segments:

eMarketing: Email marketing, web analytics, infomediaries, search engine solutions, search engine marketing, internet advertisement, online surveys, retail feeds, search connectors

Content management: Content management systems, content syndication, content aggregators, content tagging solutions

Catalog management: Price management, catalog management, catalog search solutions, product information management solutions, content targeting

Merchandising: Cross-sell and up-sell management, store space management, promotions management, product personalization, automated recommendations, guided navigation, morphed store solutions, rapid ordering solutions, e-commerce 2.0 solutions, web store enhancers

Order and fulfillment management: Inventory management, ordering, taxation, shipping and handling, fulfilment solutions

Payment and fraud: Payment gateway integrations, payment processing platform development, fraud solutions integrations, operations risk management solutions, specialized business support operations

Emerging commerce formats: Social commerce, mobile commerce, video commerce

Enterprise management solutions: Environment management solutions, enterprise data management, analysis and planning solutions, business optimization solutions, fulfilment optimization, operations support solutions, commission management, finance and accounting solutions

Commerce CRM solutions: Self-service solutions, service center solutions, tele-ordering, integrated chat, order management, supplier relationship management solutions