In an increasingly competitive and ever-evolving market scenario, the ability to quickly assemble high-performance teams that can perform as quickly as change determines success. Cybage Support Services help you secure this decisive advantage over your competition. Regardless of the support option you seek, our team ensures you receive the absolute best solution for your every need, thereby empowering, engaging, and structuring your business for long-term success.


Support Services at Cybage is a full-fledged, independent department supporting more than 40 clients across varied domains such as Travel & Hospitality, Media & Entertainment, and E-commerce.


Support Services highlights


  • More than 7 years of experience in the shared service industry
  • More than 600 Support resources 
  • 24x7 Support services or in combination of the following models to suit the clients’ business needs:
    • Weekdays: 9x5, 16x5, and 24x5
    • Weekdays and weekends: 9x5 and 24x2, 16x5 and 24x2
  • Our phased approach at offshoring Support Services:


Offshoring Support Services 

  • The Support portfolio includes global industry leaders in Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Travel & Hospitality, among others. 
  • We provide Contact Center Solution to optimize call center operations using skill-based and role-based routing, auto call distribution, call flow management, quality management, and custom reporting.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Our exclusively trained pool of resources is ready to be deployed immediately, giving you the flexible options your business demands.
  • Cross-domain expertise: Our expertise in multiple domains translates into teams that ramp-up fast and perform faster, exceeding benchmarks and adding value to your business.


Support Services offerings: 

  1. Technical Support
  2. ITeS & BPO
  3. Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)


Support Services tiers


Tier 1 :


Customer or semi-technical support: The first point of contact (PoC) for any customer or technical queries for assisting clients or end users in the products or applications.


Data processing: At this stage, resources typically perform data entry or other basic transaction processing tasks that don’t require specialized skills.



Tier 2 :


First PoC for all technical issues and taking them to closure: Resources have specialized skills based on the technology required to support client applications or systems. Their tasks include performance management of applications and systems, and monitoring applications and servers for maximum uptime and availability.


Tier 3:


High-end technical support driven by engineers including real-time bug fixing or maintenance of projects, production support, system administration, code change or modification, and maintenance tasks.


Cybage advantage

In this highly competitive offshore segment, we stand out as a leading cost-effective solutions provider offering clients the following benefits:


  • Technical expertise: Cybage has significant expertise across several domains and technologies, enabling us to provide end-to-end solutions and support services. Our technical support executives have the added advantage of being able to consult our highly-skilled technical pool. If required, we facilitate trainings at short notice to ramp-up our executives on specific technological requirements.
  • Robust support model: Our time-tested support model covers four chapters—initiation, migration, operations, and continual improvement—to seamlessly transition and deliver the best of services to our clients.
  • Scalability and flexibility: The Cybage Support department has a pool of well-trained resources ready to be deployed on any project at short notice. This keeps our projects well insured in terms of resource availability in the event of attrition or ramp-ups.
  • Cost savings: The competitive pricing structure of Cybage is designed keeping in mind your return on investment (RoI) and long-term partnership.


IT Support Services