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With changing landscape, the Healthcare & Life sciences organizations are facing a multitude of challenges. These organizations have to reduce errors, improve quality of care, reduce time to market, and comply with constantly evolving regulatory rules and guidelines, while keeping costs of operations low. This has made the entire process very complicated and put an enormous pressure on the Healthcare and Life sciences organizations. The solution to this complicated process lies in Healthcare and Life-Sciences IT solutions. These systems come as rescue for such organizations by helping them in avoiding costly mistakes, improving productivity, and making the operational process more cost effective. They can also help in delivering quality care and accelerating drug research process. However, if Healthcare and Life sciences IT solutions are not implemented right, it can well turn out your Achilles' heel. Therefore, while it is important to have an IT system in a Healthcare and Life sciences organization, getting it right is more important.

Cybage has vast experience in developing feature-rich, intuitive, and robust Healthcare and Life sciences IT solutions. Backed by a strong Excelshore® delivery model, we can partner with you in alleviating your pain areas while delivering excellent value for money. Cybage's bouquet of services covers almost the entire spectrum of Healthcare and Life sciences solutions.
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Why Cybage ?
  • SEI-CMMi Level 5 assessed and ISO 27001 certified with a global team of over 3600 employees
  • 6000+ person months of experience in building healthcare solutions
  • 200+ strong team comprising solution Architects, Developers, Test Engineers, Usability experts
  • Established Cybage Centers of Excellence for Mobile computing, Business Intelligence and Security
ExcelShore® Model of Operational Excellence
Cybage delivers value under its business practices leveraging its industry differentiation. Our ExcelShore® model of Operational Excellence remarkably differentiates us from our peers in the industry globally. All projects at Cybage are executed leveraging ExcelShore® model. ExcelShore® is robust software delivery model that has been tested and perfected over the years since 1995. It puts Cybage’s core of operational excellence at work in executing software projects, thereby enabling clients to realize their business objectives from the outsourcing relationship.

As soon as the relationship begins, ExcelShore® puts the customer objectives right on top. The sophisticated algorithmic software powered system gets into action and lays out various dynamics of the project execution for the relationship. Each module within the system is designed to provide key insights into each stage through which the offshore software engagement passes through. It provides a comprehensive and sophisticated dashboard which provides project KPIs, as the data gets generated during the inception of the project (like team composition, skill sets, milestones etc.) and during the execution of project (like project attrition, performance appraisal, scaling up, new recruitment, risk forecasting etc.). Thus, ExcelShore® empowers stakeholders across the hierarchy to keep a tab over the projects in their respective roles and responsibilities, leading to the relationship meeting with its inherent objectives and thereby growing consistently over a period of time..
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