Cybage Knowledge Series on Global IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing is not a new word for senior executives like you in the Independent Software Vendors (ISV) space. It has been fairly well received, accepted and proven over last several years. But when every other ISV, which makes your competition, does outsourcing and that there are scores of outsourcing service providers globally, it becomes quite challenging to maintain a competitive edge, which is essence to achieve greater market shares.
Welcome to Cybage Knowledge Series on Global IT Outsourcing. Starting today going over several weeks, we will present industry 'Thought Leadership' insights and some of the best practices in the outsourcing world. These are aimed to provide you with ammunition you always needed to take right outsourcing decisions. As you march forward in your business world, you need to take decisions that help you achieve your business objectives. Outsourcing has now become one such important eye catcher, and to deal with it aptly is the need of an hour. This series is an initiative to equip you adequately in that direction.
Cybage Knowledge Series