The power balance has shifted from CEOs to clients. Clients are more empowered, more demanding, more informed than ever in the current social, collaborative, and mobile environment. Companies are moving towards a 360-degree view of the client. Cybage understands the shifting epicenter of corporates. Empowered with an evolving knowledge base, Cybage offers the cutting-edge ability to implement a broad range of CRM solutions ranging from sales and marketing services, business process automation, integration, platform migration to social CRM, mobile access, enterprise data management, and competitive differentiating applications. Cybage also capitalizes on application development using a CRM platform specific to a given vertical or industry.


Cybage offers bespoke solutions to meet the specific business needs and challenges of the clients. Cybage has built a remarkable portfolio of more than 20 clients encompassing industries from Supply Chain Management and Logistics, Retail, Telecom to Online Market Research across the globe. We have tailored a range of custom CRM reusable components applicable across a range of solutions for fast and streamlined implementation.


The Cybage CRM Center of Excellence (CoE) has a remarkable global clientele across verticals such as Telecom, Travel & Hospitality, Hi-tech, Logistics, Healthcare, Retail & Distribution, Utilities, and Media & Entertainment. The Cybage implementation listens to the voice of the client, designing systems for defining competitive positioning and marketing strategies, up-selling and cross-selling, and effectively managing clients to drive profit, reducing the overall total cost of ownership (TCO).


Cybage CRM consultants help clients to find the best CRM solution and effectively customize it with respect to line of business (LOB). This helps our clients to gain an optimized business value proposition and enriched understanding of each of their customers.


The Four Pillars of the CRM CoE at Cybage 

Customer Relationship Management