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Cybage Software Celebrates 25 Years of Business Excellence

Delivering value scientifically over two and a half decades

Cybage Software, a global technology consulting and professional services organization, celebrates its 25th year of operations today. Founded in 1995 with 4 employees in Pune, Cybage has now grown to 6300+ employees in India and worldwide.

Witnessing a remarkable journey and sustained success, Cybage has evolved from a single office in Pune to six development centers in India and global teams serving in over 15 countries across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Cybage is a valued partner to Fortune 1000 corporations, enterprises, independent software vendors and start-ups worldwide. The organization embraced emerging technologies and has transformed many businesses from mainframe-era to end-to-end digital offerings. The strong and long-standing customer engagements have been a testimony to Cybage’s 25 years of business excellence.

Exclaiming his sentiments on the milestone, Arun Nathani, MD & CEO, Cybage Software says, “The difference here is not Cybage’s spectacular journey of 25 years, nor is it our pinnacles of success splashing across global media today. Rather, what makes this achievement unique is how Cybage has travelled all this distance while keeping her soul intact! It has been a journey filled with many beautiful moments, relationships and laughter. The company has been raised and nurtured by some incredible people - thousands of Cybagians, customers, vendors and well-wishers. Without their presence – Cybage may have still hit the big 25, but it would have just been a number. Without their loyalty, Cybage may have still succeeded but today would have been a celebration of deep pockets, and not of warm smiles. With renewed energy and heightened ambitions, we still have a long way to go. I am eagerly looking forward to the journey ahead where we continue to strengthen the company, the home and the family we have built together.”

Cybage appreciated the value of machine learning early in its existence, identifying variables and metrics to continuously predict the changing performance and risks associated with people, processes, and projects. Cybage’s proprietary product, ExcelShore®, is a top digital decision-making platform that leverages Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. The product is extensively used in workforce management enabling a transparent, unbiased, merit-driven ecosystem in the organization.

Looking Ahead

Lead your Now - A new business mantra that will enable the firm to leverage its current strengths and capabilities to build stronger partnerships and create greater growth avenues. The aim is to strive for an even faster growth rate without compromising the interests of our employees and stakeholders.

About Cybage Software

Cybage is a global, technology consulting, and professional services organization, that designs and provides services in technology, strategy, consulting, and operations. Our scientifically driven, data-oriented, and delivery-focused approach enables us to spot unmet needs, deliver concrete breakthrough products and services, and make organizations more innovative and agile. We work zealously with you, side by side building your institutional capabilities to better understand the market, uncover customer and user insights, evolve and create exceptional customer experiences, and successfully bring them to market. Our global team serves in over 15 countries across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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About Cybage
Software Pvt. Ltd.

Cybage is an industry leader in the Digital Product Engineering Services space with a strong track record of over 28 years, offering the most comprehensive and prudent services to technology-led businesses globally. Their award-winning services cover an entire spectrum of a software or technology product life cycle (PLC) and the product revamp.

One of the key facets of Cybage’s service offerings is that they deliver these services under the aegis of their proprietary ExcelShore® platform. ExcelShore® empowers their entire delivery ecosystem, practices a data-driven approach to drive the highest levels of customer satisfaction, and ensures a tangible ROI. ExcelShore® has been conceived and developed over the last two decades of superior delivery excellence and profound thought leadership.