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Healthcare and Life Sciences Consulting

Delivering personalized care with intelligent technology.

Our industry-focused technology solutions help organizations deliver meaningful experiences, making healthcare affordable and accessible for all.


Technology has revolutionized every industry and healthcare is no exception. Hospitals and life sciences companies must leverage innovative technology to better patient experience and improve health outcomes across the care continuum.

Cybage leads the way in the realm of healthcare’s digital transformation. Our deep industry insights, cutting-edge solutions, and powerful analytics have helped health-tech and pharmaceutical giants grow their bottom lines; and contribute towards healing the fractured patient experience.

From streamlining administrative burdens to personalizing patient’s care journey, our healthcare and life sciences consulting solutions enable your business to deliver efficient, effective, and future-proof healthcare services.

Digital Health

Transforming Patient Care

Evolve your patient care journey with our digital health services. From telehealth solutions to personalized care, we leverage data-driven intelligence and modern digital channels, delivering health experiences powered by technology.

Digital Health Solutions
Connected Care

Enhancing Care Coordination

Bridge gaps and foster a holistic patient experience with our connected care solutions. From personalized patient engagement strategies to affordable outcomes, our integrated approach is a testament to compassionate healthcare.

Connected Care Solutions
Clinical Workflows

Boosting Patient Access

Enhance communication and collaboration with our clinical workflow solutions. Through automation and data integration, we help streamline operations, improving patient outcomes.

Clinical Workflows Consulting Services
Digital Therapeutics

Prescribing Personalized Care

Develop and deploy evidence-based personalized interventions with our digital therapeutics’ solutions. Our innovative treatment offerings help redefine the relationship between technology and health.

Digital Therapeutics Technology Solutions
Administrative Services

Streamlining Administrative Services

Focus on care, not complexity. Our healthcare administrative solutions help manage the patients and facility staff efficiently, as well as automate the accounting and billing process proficiently.

Healthcare Administrative Services

Integrating Unified Care

Create a unified healthcare ecosystem with our interoperability solutions. Our team of experts leverages groundbreaking technology, implementing data exchange for better patient care.

Interoperability Solutions
Healthcare Data Engineering

Unlocking the Power of Data

Transform data into actionable intelligence for informed decision-making with our healthcare data engineering solutions. Our seasoned professionals help shape the future of patient care and medical research amidst the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Healthcare Managed Services

Ensuring Operational Excellence

Operate more efficiently while controlling costs with our end-to-end healthcare-managed IT services. Our mature service delivery model with a pool of experts supports your medical practice as you deliver outcomes across the care flow.

Life Sciences

Enabling Effective Treatments

Accelerate the pace of R&D and deliver value through evidence-based outcomes with our life science technology solutions. Our experienced team harnesses advanced technology to improve the quality of care.


Why Cybage

Moving forward with cybage


Experience the transformative power of digital health solutions with Cybage, your trusted partner in navigating the ever-changing landscape of healthcare and life sciences consulting. With over two decades of industry expertise, we offer a comprehensive range of healthcare IT services, from essential clinical workflow solutions to cutting-edge digital health platforms and interoperability solutions. Our unparalleled industry exposure, exceptional product engineering proficiency, and unwavering commitment to data security and privacy compliance set us apart. Unlock the potential for improved clinical outcomes, enriched patient experiences, and optimized costs in the digital healthcare and life sciences era. 

Resource Center

Cybage Developed Intuitive Risk Based Intervention
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Cybage Helped in Designing and Developing an Intuitive Risk-based Intervention System
Cybage built a multi-tenant risk-based clinical trial monitoring solution for a niche life sciences startup based in USA and Switzerland.
Cybage Engineered Wellness Management Platform
Healthcare & Life Sciences
With Cybage’s Solution a Healthcare Player Achieved 75+ Successful Client onboardings
Learn how Cybage engineered a wellness management platform to reduce cost and improve digital experience for employees.
Cybage Developed Advanced Healthcare RMS
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Cybage Helped in Developing an Advanced Healthcare Relationship Management Solution
Built an advanced healthcare solution for referral management and physician engagement. Helped achieve < 2 weeks customer onboarding, 2x improvement in time to market and 99.9% system availability.
Cybage Transformed Geriatric Care Platform
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Cybage Transformed a Geriatric Care Legacy Platform Into a Modern Telehealth Solution
Designed an intuitive UX and developed Cloud (AWS) native multi-tenant SaaS-based telehealth and home care management solution for a full-time home care provider for seniors and disabled in the US.
eHealth Market Leader Gains Rapid User Adoption Through Turnkey Online Solutions and Workflows
Healthcare & Life Sciences
eHealth Market Leader Gains Rapid User Adoption Through Turnkey Online Solutions and Workflows
An Australian clinical and practice management software company achieved 50% marketshare increase in the General Practitioners market using a turnkey web-based ecosystem.
Cybage Provided Data Quality Value Assessments
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Cybage Helped a Home Health Platform in Data Quality Value Assessments
Learn how Cybage formulated 20+ value metrics for a leading home health platform to unlock growth and monetization potential
Increased online visibility for a leading digital healthcare provider
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Cybage Helped in Increasing Online Visibility for a Leading Digital Healthcare Provider
Let’s learn how Cybage boosted online visibility and improved SEO sessions for a digital healthcare provider.
Cybage Improves Data Accuracy
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Cybage’s Solution Brought 3x Improvement in Workforce Productivity for an EHR Provider
Cybage provides round-the-clock support that is backed by a strong IT infrastructure library-based model. It also remodeled the data quality by optimizing the ETL process, thereby hugely improving the client's data efficiency.
25 Skills a Healthcare Solutions Developer should have
Healthcare & Life Sciences, Product Engineering, Technology Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Platform & Integrations, Digital Transformation, Support Services
25 Skills a Healthcare Solutions Developer should have
Healthcare software products are unique, and so are the skills required to develop them. This white paper attempts to map these key skills and focus areas.
8 Areas to focus on while Testing Healthcare Applications
Healthcare & Life Sciences, Product Engineering, Technology Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Platform & Integrations, Digital Transformation, Support Services
8 Areas to focus on while Testing Healthcare Applications
Healthcare software development has some unique Quality Assurance requirements, which often get overlooked. This white paper seeks to focus on these requirements.
Anatomy of a healthcare metric
Healthcare & Life Sciences, Product Engineering, Technology Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Platform & Integrations, Digital Transformation, Support Services
Anatomy of a healthcare metric
Articulating the anatomy of the healthcare metric and the way you should think while designing a good metric in the healthcare domain.
How to design a good healthcare metric
Healthcare & Life Sciences, Product Engineering, Technology Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Platform & Integrations, Digital Transformation, Support Services
How to design a good healthcare metric
The right metrics will give you valuable insights on health, its strength and weaknesses, potential threats, and let you improve it greatly.
Healthcare and Lifesciences Technology Solutions
Healthcare & Life Sciences, Administrative services, Clinical workflows, Connected care, Digital Health, Digital Therapeutics, Healthcare data engineering, Healthcare managed services, Interoperability, Lifesciences
Now and Future: Healthcare and Lifesciences Technology Solutions
Today, the world of healthcare and life sciences technology is undergoing a seismic shift. AI is playing an important role in drug discovery and enhancing operation efficiency, rapidly transforming…
connected care for healthcare
Connected care, Platform & Integrations, Healthcare & Life Sciences
Connected Care Building a Better Future for Healthcare
Patients and physicians have now experienced the power of connected health, making virtual visits and remote patient monitoring the standard. These solutions are however just the tip of this connected…
HIMSS logo
Healthcare & Life Sciences, Digital Transformation
HIMSS'21 Digital Experience - Day 2&3
As promised here I am with updates from Day 2 & 3 of HIMSS’21. But before I start with my curated panel commentary for you, some grapevine and titbits …. My networking experience One reason why folks…
Digital Health Convergence Creating New Care Models
Healthcare & Life Sciences, Technology Solutions, Cloud
Digital Health Convergence: Creating New Care Models
In addition to the accelerated pace of digital transformation, the COVID-19 pandemic transformed the traditional healthcare paths. The Healthcare industry turned to constantly innovate on the go and…
telehealth banner
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Telehealth: A silver lining in the dark clouds of COVID-19
Telehealth as a care delivery medium was always acknowledged for the advantages it brought. But it was never adopted into the mainstream, that is, until we faced the COVID-19 pandemic challenge. The…
Client Testimonials

Appreciation that Keeps Us Moving

Cybage has helped us in many domains such as native mobile development and user experience for our team. We began with a small team initially, but quickly ramped up to work with multiple teams at Cybage.

Our association with Cybage went beyond the implementation part. Their expertise helped us in the supply chain management domain which we wanted to pursue.

Our relation with Cybage is one of equality. We perceive Cybage as an extension of our product development department, and by doing that we can easily scale up performance.

Cybage has been a great partner to for over 10 years by helping us with our staff augmentation and backend application development.

In the last 2+ years Cybage has played a pivotal role in re-platforming our technology stack for our flagship website redesign and search.

Thank You Cybage.

Often at Videology we work on cutting edge projects and what I was glad that the team at Cybage was always ramping up their skills which helps us put up good solutions.

Michael Meyer talks about how Rate Highway Inc. has learned, and become a better company in their domain by working with Cybage. The many services that Cybage offers, makes it stand out among others. "Attention to our needs, learning our products and processes has been a huge differentiating factor", says Michael.

Ten years of relationship speaks volumes. The relationship with Cybage has grown stronger and we look forward to continue the happy alliance.

We chose Cybage as the software partner and we had an accelerated growth. The highly efficient team of architects and engineers at Cybage provided us constant support. Cybage excels in executing the process and is well-structured.

Cybage team is a part of our company. Our 9 year old relationship with Cybage has consistently brought efficiency in our process and functioning.

Cybage has proven to be consistently reliable since our partnership began. Cybage has put extra efforts for our scalability. They bring the right talent for the right work.

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From ideation to launch, our comprehensive suite of product engineering services and solutions helps bring your products to life. 


With a rich legacy of transformative technology solutions, we forge ahead, adapting to the dynamic needs of industries worldwide. 


Leverage the power of AI to unlock your competitive edge, no matter where you stand in your AI journey.

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Ensure enhanced productivity and scalability with our extensive set of services, tailored to elevate your capabilities. 


The digital landscape is rapidly evolving. We help you stay ahead and simplify the way your business moves.


From Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) to tech-enabled services, we support your company’s core business and meet your unique requirements. 

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