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Payment Tech

Redefining financial interactions and transactions.


Digital payments are central to all major digital transformation initiatives across industries—the importance is reflected in the number of unicorns this space has been churning. Payment technology solutions have been at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. From simple B2B digital payments, this space has now evolved into mobile wallets, alternate payment methods, and contactless payments, among others. By harvesting insights from the unprecedented volume of transaction data, online payment solutions providers positively influence customer experience, introduce process efficiency, and identify new revenue channels. 
A payment processor's needs differ vastly from a merchant platform or a mobile wallet solution provider. These are primarily driven by customer experience (CX) and stakeholder expectations. All payment technology solutions must be highly dynamic, reliable, and scalable with high-performance output. These payment solutions also need to offer reliable support to the developer community with well-defined API specifications, a rich sandbox environment, and flexibility to choose from a variety of technology for integration.  

Cybage, as a FinTech consulting services provider, has extensive experience working with leaders in the payment technology space. We offer comprehensive payment technology solutions, leveraging technical leadership and modern architectural paradigms to address multifaceted challenges and ensure highly reliable, performance-driven systems. 

Our teams have the right mix of technical leadership, product management, and user experience skills. Cybage is a one-stop shop for all your platform engineering needs—modern microservices-driven cloud-native platform architecture design, sustenance engineering, managed services, and much more. Our highly reliable systems facilitate performance management by ensuring accurate data collection, enabling fair and consistent evaluation.  

Partner with us to build a robust and reliable payment processing infrastructure that enables you to accept payments seamlessly, manage fraud risks effectively, and deliver superior customer experience. 

Cybage Offerings 

•    Platform architecture 
•    Agile engineering teams 
•    Sustenance engineering 
•    Customer experience 
•    Product roadmaps 
•    Compliance testing 
•    Performance testing & management 
•    Security testing & remediation 

Our Expertise

Our payment technology solutions empower our clients to accept and manage payments seamlessly, enhancing their customer experience and operational efficiency.

We offer Payment Gateway Integration, Fraud Detection and Prevention, Payment Routing and Settlement, Compliance Management, and Scalability and Performance Optimization. We provide customizable options and prioritize security and compliance to ensure your payment platform remains optimized and secure.

Seamless integration with acquirers is crucial for businesses to accept payments efficiently. Our payment solutions offer reliable acquirer integrations, implementation, and support. We facilitate smooth communication and transaction flow between your payment platform and various acquiring institutions, enhancing your operational efficiency and customer experience.

We offer Multi-Acquirer Connectivity, Standardized Communication Protocols, Real-Time Transaction Processing, Fraud Detection and Risk Management, and Customization and Flexibility.

Our payment services offer comprehensive merchant onboarding solutions. We simplify the process for new businesses to join your network and start accepting payments quickly and securely.

We offer Simplified Application Process, Automated Identity Verification, Payment Gateway Integration, Compliance Management Tools, and Educational Resources and Support. We leverage automation and technology, offer customizable solutions, and provide dedicated support channels and educational resources to assist merchants throughout onboarding.

Our payment technology solutions offer reliable solutions for managing disputes and chargebacks effectively. We help our clients minimize financial losses and maintain positive customer relationships.

We offer Automated Dispute Alerting and Management, Compelling Reason Code Selection, Evidence Gathering and Case Management, Collaboration and Communication Tools, and Reporting and Analytics. We offer personalized support and utilize innovative FinTech software solutions to automate tasks, improve communication, and streamline dispute management workflows.

Our payment technology services offer effective campaign management solutions. We empower non-profit organizations and fundraising initiatives to raise capital efficiently and securely.

Our services include Multi-Channel Donation Processing, Donor Management Tools, Campaign Landing Page Creation, Data-Driven Analytics and Reporting, and Integration with Social Media and Fundraising Platforms. We offer customization and provide dedicated support and training to assist organizations in effectively utilizing fundraising platforms and maximizing their functionalities.

Social media platforms are crucial in amplifying outreach and engagement for fundraising initiatives. Our payment technology solutions enable non-profit organizations to leverage social media, connect with potential donors, and raise capital effectively.

We offer One-Click Donations, Social Sharing Functionality, Social Media Analytics and Reporting, and Integration with Fundraising Management Tools. Cybage also provides the latest platform updates and compliance guidance and ongoing support and training to assist organizations in leveraging social media platforms for fundraising purposes.

Membership organizations rely on consistent contributions from their members to support their activities and missions. Our payment services enable organizations to collect dues and donations efficiently and securely from their members.

We offer Recurring Payment Options, Multiple Payment Methods, Online Payment Portal, Integration with Membership Management Systems, and Automated Reminders and Notifications. We provide ongoing support and training to assist organizations in implementing and utilizing the member payment platform effectively.

Digital payment solutions play a crucial role in facilitating seamless and secure transactions, such as E-Commerce, Retail POS, or Kiosk-based Payments. Our expertise in payment technology services offers new-age solutions combining the benefits of online and offline payment solutions.

We offer Cloud-based technology, Omnichannel integration, Advanced Payment Processing Capabilities, Intuitive User Interface, Multilingual Support, Data Capture and Analytics, and Real-time Payments.

Seamless integration between internet banking and digital wallets is crucial for enhancing user convenience and fostering wider adoption of cashless transactions. Our payment technology solutions offer integrated solutions, bridging the gap between these two prevalent payment methods.

Our services include Secure API integration, Real-time Balance and Transaction Updates, One-click Payment Authorization, and Multi-factor Authentication.

Payment gateway integrations are critical in facilitating secure and efficient online transactions. Our payment processing services offer seamless and reliable integration solutions. We empower businesses to accept payments from various sources and streamline payment processing workflows.

Our services include Secure API Integration, Support for diverse Payment Methods, Fraud Prevention Tools, Real-time Reporting and Analytics, and Recurring Billing Functionalities.

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