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Reimagining wealth management.


The evolution of WealthTech has democratized wealth management technology solutions, catering to a broader customer base with a focus on digital-native solutions and customer experience. Wealth management is no longer a spreadsheet-driven initiative focused solely on ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

Wealth management services present diverse challenges, demanding modern digital experiences, intuitive data visualizations, and data science-driven solutions while upholding the highest data security and regulatory compliance standards. Risk-based data science is the cornerstone of the wealth tech solutions landscape, influencing all key business aspects from portfolio management to customer satisfaction.

Wealth management services have introduced multifaceted challenges to consultants and solution vendors. Investors expect a modern digital experience, including omnichannel engagement, intuitive data visualizations, and quickly explainable portfolio insights.

Cybage's extensive experience makes it a preferred engineering partner for next-generation wealth management and crypto solutions. It offers expertise in data visualization, machine learning, and customer service. Cybage’s digital product engineering services can help with a next-generation wealth management platform and crypto management solutions. Cybage is a preferred engineering partner for all tech platform needs, whether data visualization experts, machine learning specialists, or customer service executives.

Cybage Offerings:

  • Platform architecture
  • Agile engineering teams
  • Data science experts 
  • CRM consultancy and engineering
  • Data visualization experts
  • MVP ideation and rollout 
  • 24x7 Application support

Our Expertise

Cybage's crypto management solutions deliver next-generation crypto management and trading platforms to clients. We help them stay ahead of the curve by providing advanced trading applications, real-time market data and charting tools, and secure and scalable infrastructure.
We equip traders with sophisticated tools to execute complex strategies and capitalize on market opportunities. We ensure clients access the best possible prices across multiple exchanges.

Our wealth management solutions deliver robust wallet management solutions to our clients. We help you with multi-currency wallets, integration with leading exchanges and platforms, and transaction management and tracking tools.
We securely store a wide range of cryptocurrencies within a single, user-friendly platform. We enhance security with advanced key management features, minimizing the risk of loss or theft. We offer clients seamless access to a variety of trading and investment opportunities. 

Cybage's wealth and crypto solutions deliver innovative loyalty and rewards programs. We help you attract and retain users by providing frictionless reward structures, tiered loyalty programs, gamification features, and customizable reward options.
We integrate seamless reward programs that incentivize desired user behavior. We reward loyal users with increasing benefits based on their activity and engagement level, motivating users through interactive experiences and challenges.

Effective portfolio management is crucial for investors. Cybage's experts deliver best-in-class wealth portfolio management tools. We help you with advanced portfolio construction and optimization, automated rebalancing and portfolio monitoring, and performance reporting and tax optimization tools.
We ensure portfolios stay on track and react to market fluctuations, including the inherent volatility of markets. We deliver clear and insightful reports to strengthen client relationships and navigate tax reporting complexities.

Cybage's wealth management technology solutions offer efficient invoicing and payment solutions. We help you with automated invoice generation and delivery solutions, secure online payment options, real-time transaction tracking and reconciliation, and integration with portfolio management systems.
We help you simplify billing with automated invoice creation based on pre-defined fee structures and client agreements. You can pay invoices electronically, including credit cards, ACH transfers, and e-wallets.

We deliver robust accrual and reconciliation solutions. Get the best of automated accrual calculations, reconciliation, data integration and standardization, exception identification and reporting, and regulatory compliance support with Cybage's expertise. 
Eliminate manual calculations and ensure timely accrual of interest, dividends, and fees for a more accurate representation of client wealth. Our solutions assist you in reconciling positions and transactions across various asset classes, including stocks, bonds, alternative investments, and holdings.

Cybage offers sound contract management solutions that help you with a centralized contract repository, automated alerts and reminders, version control and audit trails, integration with CRM and portfolio management systems, and advanced search and reporting functionality.
Our wealth management solutions help you store and organize all agreements in a single, easily accessible location. With automated notifications, you can ensure timely renewals, reviews, and adherence to key contractual obligations. 

We provide clients with advanced technical analysis tools, on-chain and social sentiment analysis, alternative data integration, and customizable reports and dashboards.
Identify chart patterns, technical indicators, and other signals that may forecast future market movements. Gain deeper insights into market sentiment by analyzing blockchain data and social media activity surrounding cryptocurrencies. 

Deliver insightful portfolio analysis tools with Cybage's wealth and crypto management solutions. We help you with multi-asset portfolio analysis, risk and return analysis, attribution analysis, performance benchmarking, and real-time data visualization and reporting.
Gain a holistic view of portfolio performance across various asset classes, including cryptocurrencies, traditional investments, and cash holdings. Measure portfolio risk tolerance and identify potential areas for diversification or optimization based on risk-adjusted returns. 

Understanding user behavior is key to optimizing investment strategies in today's dynamic cryptocurrency world. Our crypto management solutions deliver insightful user behavior analytics tools. Cybage assists you in achieving the best transaction pattern analysis, asset allocation analysis, platform engagement analysis, risk tolerance profiling, and predictive modelling.
Identify user buying, selling, and holding behavior trends to gain insights into investor sentiment and risk tolerance. Understand how users allocate their wealth across different assets, allowing for tailored investment recommendations—analyze user activity to identify areas for improvement and optimize user experience for better engagement.

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