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Media & Advertising

Pioneering transformation strategies for the future.

From AdTech to OTT, we offer a comprehensive suite 
of services that empower your Media & Advertising journey.

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The media and advertising landscape is a kaleidoscope of innovation, constantly evolving with new technologies and consumer behaviors.

At Cybage, we understand the complexities of this dynamic ecosystem. Our journey has evolved to encompass the entire AdTech & MarTech landscape, aiding businesses to scale through brand-safe, privacy-compliant, and data-driven approaches.

We employ Cybage S.C.O.R.E., our marketing transformation framework, to manage integrated marketing initiatives throughout the customer lifecycle.

Furthermore, we power publishing, media, entertainment, and education, as well as automate asset and metadata workflows for leading streaming platforms, movie studios, and record labels.

Unlocking the full potential of our profound expertise, we offer scalable solutions that:

  • Empower Transformative Growth: Harnessing algorithm-based business models, we reshape media technology organizations.
  • Elevate Content Strategies: Optimizing content value chains, we consistently deliver outstanding results.
  • Enable Digital Revolution: Making innovation a way of life, we accelerate your digital transformation journey.
  • Explore Monetization Avenues: Redefining possibilities, we help amplify monetization strategies and technology-driven customer engagement.

Crafting Privacy-First Solutions

Optimize your digital advertising strategy with our pioneering AdTech platform engineering services. From programmatic advertising to audience management and cross-channel targeting, our expertise in AdTech ensures transparent and scalable solutions, elevating your advertising impact.

Advertising and Marketing

Driving Meaningful Connections

Target the right audience at the right moment with our advertising and marketing services. From awareness to conversion, our full-funnel marketing approach leverages AI algorithms for personalized experiences and smart automation, ensuring you gain a competitive edge. 


Empowering Media Houses with New-Age Solutions

Leave an enduring mark in the media industry with our tailored digital publishing solutions. Whether it is content creation, management, or distribution, we help streamline and automate processes, ensuring you thrive in the digital age.

Video Streaming & OTT

Bringing Stories to Life

Redefine the future of entertainment with our specialized video streaming and OTT solutions. From content delivery optimization to user experience enhancements, we help you navigate the changing landscape, ensuring seamless integration and maximum impact.

Entertainment Production

Navigating the Digital Revolution

Welcome to the world where creativity meets technology. Our entertainment production IT solutions cover everything from royalties and contracts to post-production tools, ensuring your decisions are informed, and your content stands out. 


Why Cybage

Moving forward with cybage


  • Deep Domain Expertise: Decades of industry leadership in media, advertising, publishing, and entertainment. 
  • Technology-Driven Solutions: Harnessing AI and ML for impactful results in AdTech, MarTech, and entertainment.
  • Consultant-Led Approach: Tailored strategies and solutions through close collaboration with our experts.  
  • Lasting Partnerships: Beyond services, we build enduring relationships that align with your business goals.

Resource Center

80% websites migrated within 1 year
Media & Advertising
80% websites migrated within 1 year
Deployed quick and seamless site onboarding and migrated 80% websites within 1 year to the custom platform for a New York based entity that has diverse holdings in television, digital media, publishing, and more.
800% surge in conversions
Media & Advertising
800% surge in conversions
Delivered an app to produce video creatives and optimized mobile SDK to support dynamic templates leading to a 800% surge in conversions for a leader in mobile in-app advertising.
150% enhancement in conversion rate
Media & Advertising
150% enhancement in conversion rate
Enhanced conversion rate 150% by engaging target prospects with relevant content and improved conversion funnel for a global leader offering an account-based marketing platform that's simple, strategic, and integrated.
Customer Acquisition Engine Optimized
Media & Advertising
Customer Acquisition Engine Optimized
Designed and implemented integrations with various CDPs and MMPs. Built multiple modules for a unified cross-channel analysis to ensure rapid development for a fast-paced digital marketing agency.
PIE Accelerates Time to Market for Ampush
Media & Advertising
PIE Accelerates Time to Market for Ampush
Ampush leveraged Cybage + AWS capabilities to drive conversion & traffic with its unique Customer Acquisition Engine.
World's Leading Media Agency Achieves Operational Uniformity
Media & Advertising
World's Leading Media Agency Achieves Operational Uniformity
Insights from BI tool implementation optimize operations for a media communications leader.
Marketing leader gains actionable insights with GA 360
Media & Advertising
Marketing leader gains actionable insights with GA 360
The Australian giant achieved enhanced data authenticity through successful migration to Google Analytics 4.
Fighting Ad Fraud
Media & Advertising, Product Engineering, Technology Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Platform & Integrations, Digital Transformation, Support Services
Fighting Ad Fraud
The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) presumed that ad fraud would drop from $7.2 billion in 2016 to $6.5 billion in 2017, but the presumption was short lived when new facts started pouring in and defined a different tale altogether.
Data Management Platforms and AdTech
Media & Advertising, Product Engineering, Technology Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Platform & Integrations, Digital Transformation, Support Services
Data Management Platforms and AdTech
This paper highlights features and applications of a DMP and business benefits it offers for AdTech player on the demand or supply side of the digital advertising value chain.
Death of a Cookie
Media & Advertising, Product Engineering, Technology Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Platform & Integrations, Digital Transformation, Support Services
Death of a Cookie
Let's analyze why Google will phase out third-party cookies by 2023.
Media & Advertising, Advertising & Marketing
CybageDigital - helps brands SCORE their goal(s)
CybageDigital is pleased to launch our S.C.O.R.E. framework to help brands achieve their goals by defining their digital strategy; identifying personas and creating advanced audience segments…
Media & Advertising
Never Miss a Moment with Data-Driven Marketing
As the barriers to digital entry continue to shrink, new-age technologies continue to provide a variety of capabilities that enable digital transformation. Every company in the world has jumped onto…
Media & Advertising, Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing
5 Ways To Fight Ad Fraud in 2019
We Were Wrong About Ad Fraud The year 2017 promised a good landscape for the ad tech industry, as the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) presumed that ad fraud would drop from $7.2 billion in…
Client Testimonials

Appreciation that Keeps Us Moving

Cybage has helped us in many domains such as native mobile development and user experience for our team. We began with a small team initially, but quickly ramped up to work with multiple teams at Cybage.

Our association with Cybage went beyond the implementation part. Their expertise helped us in the supply chain management domain which we wanted to pursue.

Our relation with Cybage is one of equality. We perceive Cybage as an extension of our product development department, and by doing that we can easily scale up performance.

Cybage has been a great partner to for over 10 years by helping us with our staff augmentation and backend application development.

In the last 2+ years Cybage has played a pivotal role in re-platforming our technology stack for our flagship website redesign and search.

Thank You Cybage.

Often at Videology we work on cutting edge projects and what I was glad that the team at Cybage was always ramping up their skills which helps us put up good solutions.

Michael Meyer talks about how Rate Highway Inc. has learned, and become a better company in their domain by working with Cybage. The many services that Cybage offers, makes it stand out among others. "Attention to our needs, learning our products and processes has been a huge differentiating factor", says Michael.

Ten years of relationship speaks volumes. The relationship with Cybage has grown stronger and we look forward to continue the happy alliance.

We chose Cybage as the software partner and we had an accelerated growth. The highly efficient team of architects and engineers at Cybage provided us constant support. Cybage excels in executing the process and is well-structured.

Cybage team is a part of our company. Our 9 year old relationship with Cybage has consistently brought efficiency in our process and functioning.

Cybage has proven to be consistently reliable since our partnership began. Cybage has put extra efforts for our scalability. They bring the right talent for the right work.

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Ensure enhanced productivity and scalability with our extensive set of services, tailored to elevate your capabilities. 

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From ideation to launch, our comprehensive suite of product engineering services and solutions helps bring your products to life. 

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With a rich legacy of transformative technology solutions, we forge ahead, adapting to the dynamic needs of industries worldwide. 

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