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Optimized Production and Inventory Management.


As manufacturing is becoming increasingly global and vulnerable simultaneously, manufacturers must fully understand their supply chain dynamics and find ways to overcome the potential challenges like never before. Using the latest supply chain logistics technology solutions to enhance manufacturing is the best way ahead. 
Cybage’s has revolutionized modern manufacturing by helping develop modern manufacturing solutions for our customers.

Our Expertise

Cybage’s cutting-edge technologies and digital manufacturing IT services help you revolutionize supply chain logistics efficiently and flexibly.
By leveraging real-time data, IoT connectivity, and automation, we help you optimize production processes to help you become a game-changer in digital manufacturing.

  • Digital manufacturing enables an easy-to-use marketplace for custom manufacturing from quote to delivery. With the ‘uberization of manufacturing,’ agile, on-demand production models enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

Cybage’s developed MRP solutions for our customers help streamline inventory management, ensuring businesses enhance productive output by acquiring the right materials at the right time. Our IT services allow you to get real-time insights and demand forecasting.

  • MRP Solutions we developed help enhance efficiency and reduce costs for a profitable business.
  • We have developed SaaS-based MRP solutions control planning with detailed traceability, alternative supply plans, replenishment levels, manage production, quality control, and financial visibility.

Resource Center

Supply Chain Integration boosts US auto-parts retailer visibility
Supply Chain and Logistics
Supply Chain Integration Helped Boost a US-based Auto-parts Retailer’s Visibility
Improved visibility for a US based auto-parts retailer who owns over 75K SKUs by developing a robust integration layer between ERP and all Point of Sales (POS) systems and e-commerce websites.
Largest distributor in Saudi Arabia optimizes logistics
Supply Chain and Logistics
Middle East’s Largest Distributor Observed 230% Growth Throughput During Peak Season
Built company-specific business processes into the warehouse management system. Being an adaptable architecture, these unique configurations will automatically carry forward to any future HighJump WMS.
Logistics Giant grows bigger with Technology
Supply Chain and Logistics
Cybage’s Efficient use of Technology Helped a Logistics Giant Achieve Exponential Growth
Created a cutting-edge FMS product portfolio equipped with integration capability and solution for every type of fleet and transformed market presence by developing a telematics-based fleet management solution.
Leading Asian 3PL & Freight Forwarder automates operations
Supply Chain and Logistics
Cybage Facilitated a Leading Asian 3PL & Freight Forwarder Automate Operations
Improved customer service levels, KPIs, and customer on-boarding for a legacy WMS that was decreasing service output of existing customers and increasing onboarding time for new customers.
Leading Telecom retailer integrates WMS
Supply Chain and Logistics
Cybage Helped a Leading Telecom Retailer Integrate Warehouse Management System ( WMS)
Implemented changes, deployments, and rollout in consultation with the HighJump consultants and achieved end-to-end integration for two main warehouses and over 90 small warehouses; automated systems and ERP
E-commerce orders meet WMS integration
Supply Chain and Logistics
Helped an E-commerce Leader Meet Warehouse Management System (WMS) integration Needs
Developed middle layer for interaction with e-commerce websites and WMS. Quick integration (by avoiding rework) of new e-commerce websites with the WMS improved go-to-market turnaround time and scalability for future growth.
Cybage Implemented K - Motion WMS for Saudi Arabia's largest distributor and increased its throughput by a whopping 230%
Supply Chain and Logistics
Saudi Arabia's Largest Distributor Increased its Throughput by 230% With Cybage’s K-Motion WMS
Learn how Cybage upgraded the present legacy WMS for the distributor resulting in an impressive upsurge in its order process volume.
Cybage helped a leading automotive parts and accessories retailer in the U.S. increase its order efficiency by 2X
Supply Chain and Logistics
An Automotive Parts and Accessories Retailer in the US Improved its Order Efficiency by 2X
Learn how Cybage implemented a highly reliable and flexible WMS solution to lower operational costs and increase efficiency for the retailer.
Cybage implemented Korber solutions for a UAE-based 3PL service provider and increased its picking throughput by 40%
Supply Chain and Logistics
Cybage’s Körber Solutions Helped UAE-based 3PL Service Provider Increase its Efficiency
Here’s how Cybage deployed best-in-class WMS solutions for a 3PL service provider to boost its packing and loading process efficiency.
Cybage implemented K-motion warehouse for a Sri Lanka-based company and improved its warehouse operations
Supply Chain and Logistics
Cybage’s K-motion improved the warehouse operations of a Sri Lanka-based company
Learn how Cybage integrated best-in-class WMS solutions for a diversified conglomerate and increased its 3PL billing invoice accuracy to 100%.
Fleet Telematics - The Future of Fleet Management
Supply Chain and Logistics, Product Engineering, Technology Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Platform & Integrations, Digital Transformation, Support Services
Fleet Telematics - The Future of Fleet Management
Telematics gives you end-to-end visibility and control of your fleet assets to help strike the right balance between demand and supply.
Harnessing the Best of PES Ecosystem with Full PLC Coverage
Supply Chain and Logistics, Product Engineering, Technology Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Platform & Integrations, Digital Transformation, Support Services
Harnessing the Best of PES Ecosystem with Full PLC Coverage
This paper examines the trends in the IT industry and how risks can be averted to achieve maximum value for money through put.
streamlined return process.
Supply Chain and Logistics
Solutioning for Streamlined Returns Processes
Right on the heels of the peak seasons, businesses are doing everything they can to equip their supply chains with improved efficiency. Every year through the highs and lows of the shopping cycle and…
IoT banner
Supply Chain and Logistics, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, WMS
The Formula for Efficiency IoT-Driven Warehouse Management
Greater visibility into Supply Chains is vital for effective warehouse management. IoT offers considerable scope for implementation in the arena from the beginning to when a shipment reaches end…
Alliances Podcast
Supply Chain and Logistics
Resilient, Reimagined, and Rebalanced Blocks of Supply Chain and Logistics
The pandemic has brought the global market to its knees. Most particularly it served as a wake-up call for the logistics industry. Quick adoptions, revisited strategies, and resilient solutions, these…
Fleet of ships in the sea
Supply Chain and Logistics
Fueling the Future of Fleet Management System
In the last few years, the global logistics landscape evolved at an unimaginable pace. And why wouldn't it? It had to keep up with the explosive growth of e-commerce. The growth of this digital…
fleet management banner
Supply Chain and Logistics
Advanced Fleet Management: Industry Challenges & Solutions: Part I
Are you a fleet manager or a VP of Transportation who is struggling to manage assets and is experiencing inefficiencies? Or are you having trouble deciding whether to implement a fleet management…
fleet management banner
Supply Chain and Logistics
Advanced Fleet Management: Industry Challenges & Solutions: Part II
(In our last blog - Part 1 - we highlighted the challenges of fleet management. This blog focuses on the solutions) In today's world of fluctuating fuel costs and tight budgets, being average isn't…
The 5G Series
Supply Chain and Logistics, Product Engineering
The 5G Series – Impact on SCM
5G, the 5th generation mobile network, is a kind of network that is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects, and devices. The IoT and more! We have…
Banner Image
Supply Chain and Logistics
Supply Chain Visibility and Control Tower
In a world where Everything is Digital, and Digital is Everything, supply chain too comes aboard piquing curiosity – how to get the extensive amounts of real-time data, put this data to use, get a…

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