Who are we?

Cybage is committed to its role of being a responsible corporate that works towards the betterment of society with passion and perseverance. Our CSR foundation spares no effort to make a marked difference in the lives of people by providing equal opportunities that lead to a more secure and fulfilling life.

The scope of our corporate social responsibility has never been greater.

CybageAsha, one of the two wings of our CSR foundation, works passionately towards creating a healthy and sustainable environment and empowering rural communities through development. CybageAsha is also committed to the upliftment of financially challenged communities by creating opportunities that lead to sustainable incomes for them.

Whether it is helping farmers get a better yield by utilizing modern techniques for a sustainable livelihood, or upgrading infrastructure of villages by constructing roads, toilets, underground drainage systems, drinking water tanks, watershed management, etc., CybageAsha is untiring in its efforts to change the status quo.

CybageKhushboo, the other wing of our CSR foundation, is dedicated to making quality education accessible to the underdeveloped communities. Through its various endeavors, such as scholarships for college education, skill development of unemployed youths, supporting educational institutes with both financial aid and infrastructural development, CybageKhushboo helps in building more balanced and educated communities with equitable opportunities for many.

The Cybage Covid Sanjivani initiative is dedicated to working with and rebuilding the lives of families who were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Make a difference and impact your world

This outlines our DNA, both as an organization and as individuals. We strive to make a difference in communities and for people around us.

CybageAsha Key Work Areas

  • Uplifting rural communities through sustainable interventions
  • Facilitating infrastructural development in rural areas
  • Providing income generation opportunities through the introduction of modern agricultural techniques in villages
  • Working towards women’s empowerment
  • Facilitating skill development trainings to empower youth and women through self-employment programs
  • Working with NGOs and social service organizations to spread its reach and create a greater impact

CybageKhushboo Key Work Areas

  • Offering scholarships to the less fortunate but meritorious students in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, Medicine, Management Studies, etc.
  • Conducting training on personality development
  • Conducting training on spoken English, communication skills, email etiquette, interview skills, and holding group discussions
  • Running a digital literacy bus and adult literacy classes
  • Facilitating skill development trainings in urban slum communities
  • Funding secondary education for students in government schools

Responsible Business for a Progressive Society

Cybage is resolute in its aim to bring equal opportunity to all strata of society and transform lives and communities. The values upheld by Cybage have paved the path for its CSR activities. Social, educational, health, environmental aspects, and career and work opportunities for the underprivileged have been our focus all throughout. To fulfill the dreams of deserving, hardworking students, provide decent means of livelihood to needy families, help them live with self-respect and dignity, and keep our environment clean and green has been our endeavor for social responsibility of the business. We work towards alleviating acute food shortage and unemployment, and constantly devote ourselves to improving the quality of life of the marginalized sections of society.

Cybage has made its mark not just in technology consulting but also as a company that is sensitive to the less fortunate. Our interest and devotion towards this cause is realized through our two Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) wings—CybageAsha Charitable Trust that works for rural upliftment, community development, and social welfare, and CybageKhushboo Charitable Trust that facilitates higher education for deserving and underprivileged students through scholarship programs, academic counseling, soft skills training, and support to educational institutions and schools.

In pursuing its aims towards being a responsible business, Cybage has adopted several villages and communities in Maharashtra and outside. Cybage implements various projects for water conservation, clean drinking water, proper sanitation, road construction, farming and cultivation, underground drainage, solar lift irrigation, refurbishing schools, de-silting of rivers and streams, and a lot more. It holds regular drives for clothes distribution, grain donation, toys donation, blood donation, cleanliness, and health check-ups. In its commitment towards a green and clean environment, CybageAsha has organized several tree plantations drives.

CybageKhushboo has provided numerous scholarships to students who are now well placed in their careers. It also conducts various vocational training programs for unemployed youths who could not get formal education.

The Cybage Covid Sanjivani initiative aims at restoring the lives of the families who have lost a key earning member to Covid-19. The assistance is provided by assessing and analyzing the requirements of such disadvantaged families. Mainly food, shelter, children's education, vocational training, counseling, and other similar types of aid have been provided.

We are dedicated to building a better world for all.