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The FinTech lending and finance solutions space driven by traditional lenders and FinTech innovators has experienced significant innovation globally, not only in lending models but also in processes such as onboarding and credit profiling. These solutions use data science to enhance efficiencies, predict customer behavior, and mitigate lending risks while providing a digitally native customer experience.

Lending platforms need to scale up to a huge aggregate volume of data from disparate sources to support lending models. The risk profiling and decision models need to be executed in real time. The platform engineering team also needs to ensure the highest data security and regulatory compliance with applicable geographies.

Cybage's expertise as an engineering partner for lending and finance platform solution vendors lies in its understanding of successful lending management platforms. We understand the nuances of building and maintaining a successful lending management platform. Our experience in similar engineering platforms allows us to offer the right product and both technical and executive leadership. Our mature managed service model will make your customer onboarding a seamless exercise.
Partner with us to equip your business with secure and scalable application onboarding solutions. Our lending and finance solutions enable you to attract more borrowers, improve loan processing efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in the lending market.

Cybage Offerings:
•    Low code platform development
•    Native & mobile teams
•    API integrations
•    Agile engineering teams
•    Customizable role-based tools
•    Architecture & design consultancy
•    24X7 support model

Our Expertise

The loan application process can often be a tedious hurdle for lenders and borrowers in lending and finance. Cybage offers seamless and efficient application onboarding solutions, streamlining the journey for all parties involved.

We offer Intuitive Online Applications, Data Pre-filling and Verification, Document Management Systems, Decision Engine Integration, and Real-time Communication and Tracking.

Efficient loan application processing is crucial for lenders to achieve optimal loan origination success. Our extensive experience and expertise in lending and finance enable us to offer robust loan application processing solutions.

We offer Integrated Decision Engines, Data Analytics and Verification, Document Verification and Fraud Detection, Workflow Management and Automation, and Integration with Third-Party Systems.

Loan origination processes often involve a significant amount of paperwork. Cybage's lending and finance solutions and document management expertise enable you to reduce reliance on paper, minimize errors and delays, and focus on building stronger client relationships.

We offer a Secure Online Document Upload Portal, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology, Document Classification and Indexing, Version Control and Audit Trails, and Secure Document Storage and Sharing. We simplify loan documentation and make it secure and efficient.

In today's competitive lending landscape, making informed credit decisions is crucial for success. Cybage's lending solutions provide a holistic view of the borrower's financial health and risk assessment, empowering businesses to make informed lending decisions.

Cybage's alternative data sources and advanced analytics help gather a comprehensive financial history of the borrowers. Implement advanced scoring models and risk management tools to assess borrower creditworthiness and predict potential risks objectively.

Cybage's lending and finance solutions offer automated decision-making and empower you to streamline loan approvals while adhering to responsible lending principles.
Utilize transparent and explainable AI models that provide clear reasons behind automated decision-making, ensuring fairness and regulation compliance. We employ comprehensive data analysis and testing procedures to identify and mitigate potential biases in automated decision-making data.

Cybage's lending management system offers streamlined lender onboarding solutions, which facilitate efficient partnerships and increase loan origination opportunities.
Cybage helps you centralize platforms for lenders to easily submit onboarding applications and access relevant information integrating seamlessly with existing loan origination systems to enable efficient data exchange and streamline the onboarding process.

Cybage’s lending and finance business process transformation offers robust workflow automation solutions. These lending solutions streamline processes, reduce errors, and enhance operational efficiency within lending and finance operations.
We offer automated repetitive and manual tasks across various loan processing stages, such as document review, verification processes, communication with borrowers, and loan servicing tasks. We implement rule-based automation to expedite loan approvals for low-risk applications based on pre-defined criteria. 

Our FinTech solutions offer innovative mobile lending and finance platforms. These platforms cater to the growing demand for on-the-go financial management and loan accessibility.

We help you design user-friendly mobile apps accessible across various devices and provide a seamless experience for borrowers and lenders alike. Our apps enable borrowers to initiate loan applications, upload documents, and track application status conveniently through their mobile devices.

Our lending and finance integrations and reporting services offer custom-built application programming interfaces (APIs) for your business. These APIs bridge the gap between lending, finance platforms, and other essential applications.

We offer designing APIs that cater to specific needs and integrate seamlessly with existing loan origination systems, core banking platforms, credit bureaus, and other relevant applications. Our encryption and authentication solutions ensure secure data transmission and protect sensitive financial information. We help develop scalable APIs to accommodate future growth and integrate with additional systems as needs evolve. 

Data-driven decision-making is paramount in the lending and finance industry. Cybage's lending and finance solutions transform complex financial data into actionable insights, enabling you to make informed decisions confidently.

We help you to design reports with clear and visually appealing dashboards, charts, and graphs that simplify complex data and facilitate quick comprehension. We help you enable users to delve deeper into specific data points for granular analysis, providing a complete understanding of key performance indicators (KPIs). 

With Cybage's LMS integration, optimize efficiency and maximize data utilization successfully. We offer seamless Lending Management System (LMS) Integration Solutions to help bridge the gap between the existing systems and LMS.

Integrate seamlessly with existing loan origination, servicing, and collection workflows within the LMS, minimizing manual intervention and improving operational efficiency. We help you with comprehensive reporting and analysis by consolidating data from the LMS and other integrated systems, providing a holistic view of loan performance and portfolio health.

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