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Cybage Foundation

Thinking sustainably, moving responsibly.


Cybage Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Cybage, is driven by a deep commitment to giving back to society. We are dedicated to creating a positive impact through various initiatives. Our focus extends beyond corporate boundaries, championing causes that uplift lives and foster sustainable development.


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Volunteers of Cybage Asha

Since its inception in 2005, CybageAsha has worked relentlessly toward fostering positive change in the lives of the underprivileged and bridging the socio-economic divide between rural and urban India. Under the leadership of Ritu Nathani, Director of Cybage and Head of Cybage Foundation, this philanthropic arm of Cybage has meticulously formulated and executed myriad initiatives in and around Pune. With the unwavering support of a dedicated team of 11 members and the active participation of numerous Cybage employees who generously volunteer their time and expertise, CybageAsha is steadfast in its commitment to making a meaningful and sustainable impact in its communities. 

CybageAsha's rural upliftment vertical is the cornerstone of its outreach initiatives. With over 81 villages positively impacted, the Trust has made a significant difference in the lives of 1,50,000 beneficiaries through various projects such as watershed management, desilting rivulets, and sustainable agriculture practices. The holistic approach taken by CybageAsha has helped build stronger communities and promote organic farming, modern agricultural techniques such as drip irrigation, mulching, etc., and biogas plant installations.  

Besides long-term initiatives, CybageAsha undertakes short-term projects such as enabling volunteers to engage with visually impaired individuals, orphans, women's groups, senior citizens, and other less fortunate segments of society. Collaborating with various NGOs and social service organizations further extends the reach of CybageAsha, amplifying its overall impact. 




Volunteers of Cybage Khushboo

CybageKhushboo, the Charitable arm and self-sustained NGO of Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd., is a beacon of hope and empowerment in education. Established in 2009 by Arun Nathani, CEO and M.D. of Cybage, and his wife Ritu Nathani, Director of Cybage, the Trust provides financial assistance to economically backward but promising students to help them fulfill their educational aspirations and secure a bright future.

As a part of its flagship initiative, CybageKhushboo provides scholarships to students who want to pursue professional courses in Engineering (B.E. and Diploma), Architecture, MBA, Hotel Management, Medicine, and related courses such as Pharmacy, Dentistry, Homeopathy, Nursing, and Physiotherapy. 

In tandem with its emphasis on education, the Philanthropic arm conducts holistic grooming sessions, both in-person and online, to develop its beneficiaries' soft skills, communication abilities, and technical prowess. This prepares them for the competitive job market and ensures they are well-equipped to succeed in interviews. 




Our Leader

Ritu Nathani - Head Cybage Foundation & Board of Directors

At the helm of Cybage's CSR endeavors for almost two decades is Ritu Nathani, a visionary, philanthropist, and passionate speaker. She plays a crucial role in developing an overarching vision for the Trusts, establishing strategies and goals, and managing operations and relationships with various stakeholders.

Ritu believes meaningful, in-depth association, rather than mere participation, is the only way to make a lasting impression. She emphasizes boosting the quantum of activities and expanding the number of people benefiting yearly. She has channeled the Cybage CSR structure to encompass financial and non-financial support, exponentially scaling its impact and scope.

Recognized as a 'Leading Consultant' at the prestigious Women Leaders in India Awards and honored for her commendable CSR contributions at the illustrious Times Pune Visionaries event hosted by The Times of India, Ritu subscribes to the ethos of nurturing and leading her team to success while steadfastly upholding values and ethics. Impactful, versatile, and unwavering in her commitment, she remains dedicated to effecting meaningful change and enhancing the lives of many in diverse and profound ways.

Our Journey So Far

Mentorship Program
  • Mentorship Program

2021 milestones
  • Cybage Sampada

  • Farmer Producer Company

  • Alumni Wing

  • Cybage Covid Sanjivani

Skill Development
  • Skill Development

Happy School
  • Agriculture Innervation

  • Happy School Project

Soft Skill
  • Soft skill & Technical Sessions

Scholarship Program
  • Scholarship Program

2005 Milestone
  • Rural Development

  • Employee Engagement Program

  • Employee Welfare Program

Our Activities

CybageKhushboo Scholarship Program
CybageKhushboo Scholarship Program
CybageKhushboo Scholarship Program
Empowering dreams through education, our scholarship programs create opportunities for deserving students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to realize their academic potential.
Skill Development
Skill Development
Skill Development
Cultivating skills for a brighter tomorrow, our initiatives equip individuals with essential tools and training to enhance their employability and build sustainable livelihoods.
Rural Upliftment
Rural Upliftment
Rural Upliftment
To uplift rural communities, we address their challenges and promote sustainable development through modern agriculture knowledge-sharing, market linkages, sanitation, clean water, road infrastructure, and education.
Welfare Projects
Welfare Projects
Welfare Projects
Supporting community welfare initiatives through a range of voluntary activities, we empower our employees to give back to those less fortunate, making a meaningful impact.

CSR Testimonials

Being a city girl, I had never been to a village, but due to Paddy Cultivation and Tree Plantation drives, I got to witness the beauty and simplicity of village life. The love and affection we got from the villagers can't be described in words. I am grateful to our CSR team for giving us a chance to give back to society through these activities.

Cybage CSR team’s dedication to rural development and education for those in need is unparalleled. Engaging in CybageKhushboo and CybageAsha activities has helped me cultivate empathy, compassion, and personal growth. Thanks to the Cybage CSR team for spreading smiles unconditionally.

I am deeply grateful to Cybage CSR for providing me with these opportunities for personal growth and community engagement. I wholeheartedly believe that every Cybage family member should participate in these activities, as they benefit the communities we serve and enrich our lives in countless ways.

As a proud volunteer of almost every CSR activity, I get immense joy and satisfaction from making a tangible difference in people's lives. Cybage CSR provides us opportunities to give back and fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among employees.

Volunteer With Us

We welcome volunteers from all walks of life to join our CSR team. 
Let's give back to society. Let's start our journey.