Challenges With Healthcare Administration IT Solutions

Administrative services are now increasingly seeing technology-driven transformations like intelligent staff scheduling, utilization management, and claim denial prevention and management. Similar interventions are seen in inventory optimization, vendor management, and financial forecasts.
Patient financial responsibility necessitates flexible financial workflows and a focus on patient experience. In mixed market healthcare economies like in the United States, mature administrative solutions are an absolute must for financial viability.

Cybage's Healthcare Administrative

Solution Focus

  • Staff scheduling
  • Facility management
  • Patient flow management
  • Bed management
  • Eligbility verification
  • Intelligent claim scrubbing
  • Denial management

Cybage Offerings

Our Expertise in Clinical Administration Technical Solutions

With more than a decade of experience in implementing healthcare administrative and financial solutions, Cybage understands the finer nuances involved. It is reflected in our engineering approach which covers interoperability, data engineering, digital engagement platforms, InsurTech components, agile engineering teams, among others.