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Connected Care

Connected Healthcare Solutions: Bridging the Gap for Seamless Care Delivery.


Connected healthcare holds immense potential to transform the way we deliver care. By enabling the seamless flow of data across the care continuum, from administrative systems to patient-owned data and medical devices, we can unlock opportunities for improved clinical outcomes, optimized costs, and empowered patients. This is where Cybage's healthcare and life sciences consulting expertise comes into play.

Unlocking the Challenges of Connected Healthcare

Developing connected health solutions presents unique challenges. Engineering teams must bridge the gap between legacy systems and modern IoT-based frameworks, ensuring seamless integration for both remote care delivery and traditional workflows. Balancing patient expectations for intuitive digital experiences with healthcare stakeholders' demands for real-time data accuracy and security requires a nuanced approach.

Leveraging our Expertise: Seamless Care Through Connected Solutions

Cybage understands connected healthcare is more than data pipelines. We deliver seamless experiences across the care ecosystem, bridging legacy systems with modern IoT platforms. Our expertise integrates patient-centric design, data security, agile engineering, and real-time dashboards to empower stakeholders and unlock the transformative power of connected care.

Our connected healthcare solutions include:

  • IoHT-based solutions: Leverage the power of IoT devices for real-time data capture and remote monitoring.
  • Platform architecture consultancy: Design and build secure, scalable, and future-proof platforms for connected care.
  • Agile engineering teams: Utilize our experienced teams to accelerate development and deliver solutions quickly.
  • Patient experience consultancy: Create engaging and user-centric experiences that enhance patient engagement and adherence.
  • Real-time dashboards: Empower stakeholders with data-driven insights for informed decision-making.
  • Functional consultancy: Guide and support you throughout the solution lifecycle, from ideation to implementation.

With Cybage as your partner, you can unlock the transformative power of connected healthcare. Empower patients, optimize care delivery, and drive positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our Expertise

Foster seamless collaboration with robust patient care coordination solutions. Imagine healthcare providers across specialties accessing and sharing essential patient data securely through integrated health information systems. This empowers them to make informed decisions, deliver coordinated care plans, and ultimately, improve patient outcomes. We can help you implement solutions that streamline communication, optimize workflows, and ensure continuity of care throughout the patient journey.

Bridge geographical barriers and expand access to quality healthcare with telehealth solutions. Imagine providing virtual consultations, remote diagnosis, and ongoing care management within a secure and HIPAA-compliant environment. Our expertise helps you integrate seamlessly with existing workflows, enabling real-time video consultations, secure messaging, and remote patient monitoring capabilities. Leverage the power of telehealth to improve patient engagement, broaden your reach, and optimize healthcare delivery across the board.

Empower care teams with efficient case management tools to optimize care plans and track patient progress effectively. Imagine a centralized platform consolidating patient data, treatment plans, and communication channels, accessible to all involved healthcare providers. This fosters collaboration, ensures care delivery aligns with individual needs, and ultimately, improves patient outcomes. Let us help you implement case management solutions tailored to your specific requirements, streamlining workflows, and driving positive results.

Empower patients to actively participate in their health management through digital solutions and connected devices in healthcare. Real-time data collection on vital signs, medication adherence, and other key metrics allow for timely interventions and proactive care. We help you implement secure and user-friendly remote monitoring programs, fostering patient engagement, optimizing resource allocation, and driving preventative healthcare initiatives.

Foster deeper connections and empower informed connected healthcare choices with patient engagement platforms. Provide patients with personalized health information, facilitating two-way communication with providers, and enabling remote appointment scheduling and medication management. Secure messaging, educational resources, and gamification elements further drive engagement and empower patients to become active partners in their healthcare journey. We help you leverage these platforms to build trust, improve health outcomes, and empower patients to take charge of their well-being.

  • Harness the power of big data and analytics for actionable intelligence. Empower decision-making at the right time with real-time insights. 
  • Get curated data intelligence with Cybage’s powerful big data and analytics solutions. Transform raw data into strategic information to change how you drive business decisions. Our back-office retail solutions are designed to help businesses operate at optimal levels.  
  • Dive into the world of actionable insights from big data and analytics. Let your data be the guiding force in elevating your business acumen and decisions.

Resource Centre

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Cybage Helped in Designing and Developing an Intuitive Risk-based Intervention System
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Cybage Transformed Geriatric Care Platform
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Cybage Transformed a Geriatric Care Legacy Platform Into a Modern Telehealth Solution
Designed an intuitive UX and developed Cloud (AWS) native multi-tenant SaaS-based telehealth and home care management solution for a full-time home care provider for seniors and disabled in the US.
eHealth Market Leader Gains Rapid User Adoption Through Turnkey Online Solutions and Workflows
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eHealth Market Leader Gains Rapid User Adoption Through Turnkey Online Solutions and Workflows
An Australian clinical and practice management software company achieved 50% marketshare increase in the General Practitioners market using a turnkey web-based ecosystem.
Cybage Provided Data Quality Value Assessments
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Cybage Helped a Home Health Platform in Data Quality Value Assessments
Learn how Cybage formulated 20+ value metrics for a leading home health platform to unlock growth and monetization potential
Increased online visibility for a leading digital healthcare provider
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Cybage Helped in Increasing Online Visibility for a Leading Digital Healthcare Provider
Let’s learn how Cybage boosted online visibility and improved SEO sessions for a digital healthcare provider.
Cybage Improves Data Accuracy
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Cybage’s Solution Brought 3x Improvement in Workforce Productivity for an EHR Provider
Cybage provides round-the-clock support that is backed by a strong IT infrastructure library-based model. It also remodeled the data quality by optimizing the ETL process, thereby hugely improving the client's data efficiency.
25 Skills a Healthcare Solutions Developer should have
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25 Skills a Healthcare Solutions Developer should have
Healthcare software products are unique, and so are the skills required to develop them. This white paper attempts to map these key skills and focus areas.
8 Areas to focus on while Testing Healthcare Applications
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8 Areas to focus on while Testing Healthcare Applications
Healthcare software development has some unique Quality Assurance requirements, which often get overlooked. This white paper seeks to focus on these requirements.
Anatomy of a healthcare metric
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Anatomy of a healthcare metric
Articulating the anatomy of the healthcare metric and the way you should think while designing a good metric in the healthcare domain.
How to design a good healthcare metric
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How to design a good healthcare metric
The right metrics will give you valuable insights on health, its strength and weaknesses, potential threats, and let you improve it greatly.
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