Entertainment production houses invested in films, television, and music need digital transformation to stay relevant while increasing productivity and optimizing investments. 

Technology can help address a wide range of challenges in managing content assets, licenses, contracts, and digital distribution. It is critical for digital production and post-production support houses to adopt new technologies to partner with content creators, studios, and record labels while ensuring seamless multi-platform distribution.

Cybage brings extensive expertise across the entertainment value chain. We are the preferred digital business transformation partner for leading interactive media companies, production houses, studios, broadcasters, and streaming media companies worldwide.

Digital Solutions for Entertainment Industry


Our experience includes engineering and implementation of solutions of:

  • Digital asset management (DAM) platforms & workflow automation
  • CMS solutions: ingestion, annotation, cataloging, storage, retrieval, metadata management, and distribution of digital assets
  • Rights, royalties, and contract management
  • Copyright and licensing for media and digital assets
  • Transcription, subtitle, closed captions, and audio description editing tools
  • Subscription solutions with multi-tier pricing, invoicing solutions
  • Digital media avails and supply chain management
  • Video segmentation and logging, precision frame scrolling
  • Reporting solutions for predictive insights on movie and TV data, content performance, and audience engagement