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Video Streaming & OTT Solutions

Transforming entertainment – broadcasting meets OTT. 


The fusion of the Internet and broadcast television and the rise of over-the-top (OTT) has revolutionized viewer engagement and content consumption. This integration provides a unified platform for accessing a diverse range of content and interactions, blurring the lines between traditional broadcasting and online media. The convergence of traditional broadcasting and OTT platforms has revolutionized the entertainment landscape, offering viewers unprecedented access to diverse content anytime, anywhere. 

Viewers and businesses now participate in interactive dialogues, fostering increased engagement, advertising opportunities, and content consumption. This convergence also paves the way for inventive video advertising and marketing campaigns. 

At the intersection of broadcasting and OTT, Cybage stands as a trusted partner, providing cutting-edge technology solutions to empower broadcasters and OTT service providers. From content delivery optimization to user experience enhancements, we help our clients navigate the complexities of this rapidly evolving landscape, ensuring seamless integration and maximum impact. 

Utilizing cutting-edge technology solutions, Cybage has played a pivotal role in assisting entertainment content creators and distributors to adapt and optimize their offerings for this dynamic space. 

Join us in shaping the future of entertainment, where creativity meets cutting-edge technology to deliver captivating content experiences across platforms. 

Our Expertise

The convergence of TV and the Internet has ushered in a new era of content consumption, where viewers seamlessly switch between traditional television and OTT services. This convergence offers diverse content, including interactive features, and fundamentally alters how audiences engage with their entertainment.

Businesses now can engage in dynamic dialogues with viewers, fostering more profound engagement, boosting advertising effectiveness, and ultimately driving content consumption. We specialize in interactive advertising solutions, utilizing data analytics and reporting to help businesses understand these evolving viewing patterns. This empowers them to make informed decisions regarding content inception, creation, and delivery.

Leveraging the power of AI tools and personalized recommendations, we enable businesses to create content that resonates more deeply with their audiences, leading to increased engagement and viewership. We are committed to being a reliable partner in digital transformation for media companies, helping them optimize OTT services and video streaming solutions while creating a more satisfying viewing experience for their customers. 

Resource Center

80% websites migrated within 1 year
Media & Advertising
Cybage Helped Client in Migrating 100+ Sites Under one Roof and Standardize Its Platform
Deployed quick and seamless site onboarding and migrated 80% websites within 1 year to the custom platform for a New York based entity that has diverse holdings in television, digital media, publishing, and more.
800% surge in conversions
Media & Advertising
A Mobile in-app Advertising Player Recorded 200% Increase in Earnings From Video ads
Delivered an app to produce video creatives and optimized mobile SDK to support dynamic templates leading to a 800% surge in conversions for a leader in mobile in-app advertising.
Built a mature test automation solution
Media & Advertising
Cybage Built a Mature Test Automation Solution for a Leading CX Software Provider
A mature test automation solution for a customer service experience provider led to 98% automation execution pass rate and 30% less regression hours.
Platform Migration Services Using BI
Media & Advertising
Cybage Provided Platform Migration Services Using BI for a World-class Media Agency
Provided platform migration services using business intelligence to a world class media agency.
150% enhancement in conversion rate
Media & Advertising
Cybage Helped a Client Achieve 507% ROI, 2x Close Rate, and 50% Faster Deal Velocity
Enhanced conversion rate 150% by engaging target prospects with relevant content and improved conversion funnel for a global leader offering an account-based marketing platform that's simple, strategic, and integrated.
Customer Acquisition Engine Optimized
Media & Advertising
An American Cable and Satellite Television Network Recorded a 40% Increase in Signups
Designed and implemented integrations with various CDPs and MMPs. Built multiple modules for a unified cross-channel analysis to ensure rapid development for a fast-paced digital marketing agency.
PIE Accelerates Time to Market for Ampush
Media & Advertising
98-99% Data Accuracy Across all Integrations With Improved Data Granularity
Ampush leveraged Cybage + AWS capabilities to drive conversion & traffic with its unique Customer Acquisition Engine.
World's Leading Media Agency Achieves Operational Uniformity
Media & Advertising
World's Leading Media Agency Achieved Operational Uniformity With Cybage
Insights from BI tool implementation optimize operations for a media communications leader.
Marketing leader gains actionable insights with GA 360
Media & Advertising
Cybage Helped a Marketing Player Gain Actionable Insights With Google Analytics 360
The Australian giant achieved enhanced data authenticity through successful migration to Google Analytics 4.
Fighting Ad Fraud
Media & Advertising, Product Engineering, Technology Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Platform & Integrations, Digital Transformation, Support Services
Fighting Ad Fraud
The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) presumed that ad fraud would drop from $7.2 billion in 2016 to $6.5 billion in 2017, but the presumption was short lived when new facts started pouring in and defined a different tale altogether.
Data Management Platforms and AdTech
Media & Advertising, Product Engineering, Technology Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Platform & Integrations, Digital Transformation, Support Services
Data Management Platforms and AdTech
This paper highlights features and applications of a DMP and business benefits it offers for AdTech player on the demand or supply side of the digital advertising value chain.
Death of a Cookie
Media & Advertising, Product Engineering, Technology Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Platform & Integrations, Digital Transformation, Support Services
Death of a Cookie
Let's analyze why Google will phase out third-party cookies by 2023.
Marketing with AI in 2024
Media & Advertising, Ad Tech, Advertising & Marketing, Entertainment production, Publishing, Video streaming & OTT
Marketing in 2024 with AI: Tips, Tricks and Checklists
The marketing sector has undergone significant changes in recent years, greatly driven by technological disruptions and consumer behavior shifts. One notable development is the rise of the "attention…
CybageDigital - Helps Brands SCORE Their Goal(s)
Media & Advertising, Advertising & Marketing
CybageDigital - Helps Brands SCORE Their Goal(s)
CybageDigital is pleased to launch our S.C.O.R.E. framework to help brands achieve their goals by defining their digital strategy; identifying personas and creating advanced audience segments…
data driven marketing
Media & Advertising
Never Miss a Moment with Data-Driven Marketing
As the barriers to digital entry continue to shrink, new-age technologies continue to provide a variety of capabilities that enable digital transformation. Every company in the world has jumped onto…
Ad fraud thumbnail
Media & Advertising, Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing
5 Ways To Fight Ad Fraud in 2019
We Were Wrong About Ad Fraud The year 2017 promised a good landscape for the ad tech industry, as the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) presumed that ad fraud would drop from $7.2 billion in…

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