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Integrated Commerce Enablement

Revolutionize your online presence across devices to provide an immersive and reliable user experience. 


Navigate the digital and retail challenges with our omnichannel software solutions. In today's digitally engineered world, a consistent buying cycle strategically designed to delight and engage customers can be a game-changer. We leverage our extensive experience working on omnichannel experience and commerce solutions supported by a wide range of back-office solutions to boost efficiency and create engaging customer experience across channels.

Our seamless and unified shopping experience represents a holistic approach to retail. It integrates online and offline channels to deliver frictionless, personalized, and engaging customer experiences while leveraging technologies to meet modern consumers' evolving needs and improve sales.  

Our Expertise

  • Kiosks, Native Apps & PWA
    • Cutting-edge kiosk solutions to enable convenience for your customers
    • High-end, performance-oriented, user-friendly apps tailored to your business needs
    • Cybage uses the best web and mobile experiences with its Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).
  • Web and Social Commerce, Headless Commerce
    • We use our evolved omnichannel marketing services and technology to optimize your web and social commerce solutions. With Headless Commerce we deliver immersive web experiences and smooth customer experience across various touchpoints.
  • Integrated In-Store Shopping Experiences (Mobile and Cloud POS)
    • At Cybage, we create a perfect blend of in-store and digital experiences to help shape the future of retail by transforming in-store shopping experiences. 
  • Optimize your business operations with efficient processing and timely delivery with our back-office enterprise solutions and omnichannel order management and fulfillment. 
  • Ensure accuracy and consistency across your organization with Cybage’s comprehensive office management solutions. With robust data management, you can enhance decision-making and accuracy for the best business outcomes.
  • Enrich your product data lifecycle with our Product Information Management (PIM) and elevate customer engagement.
  • Maximize profitability with pricing engines and implement dynamic future-proof strategies to elevate your ROI. 
  • From inventory tracking to order fulfillment, revolutionize your logistics with Cybage’s enhanced back-office management software and warehouse management or smooth operations.
  • Create a tech-savvy shopping experience with intelligent solutions that automate inventory tracking, streamline warehouse operations, minimize stock-outs, and elevate store efficiency and sales. 
  • Drive conversions with customized inventory and merchandising solutions from Cybage.
  • Stay ahead of your competitors with Cybage’s supply chain IT solutions expertise. Discover how we benefit our clients.
  • Boost your marketing ROI with intelligent customer segmentation and tailored promotion engines to suit your enterprise.
  • Cybage's unique back-office retail solutions and customer segmentation strategies allow you to tailor your marketing messages to potential customers with our technology-led promotion engines and drive conversions. 
  • Reimagine customer experiences with Cybage’s solutions and transforms every opportunity to build meaningful connections. We specialize in engineering tailored loyalty and rewards management solutions, personalization with CDP Integration, and last-mile fulfilment models like BOPIS, BORIS, BOSS and customer support services.
  • As omnichannel solution providers, we prioritize safety and security in digital retail innovation. Empower your business using digital payments and advanced authentication methods to manage transactions across platforms with end-to-end protection. 
  • Mitigate risks and manage fraud with real-time alerts. Create safe and trustworthy digital payment environments for clients with Cybage’s comprehensive and reliable solutions.
  • Harness the power of big data and analytics for actionable intelligence. Empower decision-making at the right time with real-time insights. 
  • Get curated data intelligence with Cybage’s powerful big data and analytics solutions. Transform raw data into strategic information to change how you drive business decisions. Our back-office retail solutions are designed to help businesses operate at optimal levels.  
  • Dive into the world of actionable insights from big data and analytics. Let your data be the guiding force in elevating your business acumen and decisions.  

Resource Center

Retail solution for an enterprise retailer
Cybage Provided End-to-end Retail Solution for a Globally Recognized Enterprise Retailer
Implemented Business Access Layer and Data Access layer for supporting service oriented architecture for a distinguished online retailer of superior quality automotive parts and accessories nationwide.
Engaging web app built for auto-parts retailer
Built An Engaging Progressive Web App That Helped in 15% Increase in YoY Sales
Helped with tech-outsourcing of the backend application development. In addition to the broad development benefit, the new headless commerce architecture sparked superior user experiences for shoppers.
E-Procurement B2B solution using EDI
Developed E-Procurement B2B Solution Using EDI for Integrating With a Trading Partner
Integrated web solutions and JD Edwards ERP system with buyers through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for a trading partner with decades of experience in business trading and serving an array of trading organizations.
Retail CRM solutions for a global software leader
Cybage Built and Upgraded Retail CRM Solutions for a Global Leader in Business Software
For a solution provider with 20,000 customers in more than 150 countries, implemented reverse engineering of existing products and upgraded products to cater to the latest technology needs.
Competitive market requirements met
Cybage Performed POS Solution Development and Maintenance for a Leading Retailer
Designed solutions to enable food retailers in supermarkets, convenience stores, and other retail market sectors to respond to competitive market requirements and changing consumer preferences.
An IT transformation empowered a global FMCG
Cybage’s IT Transformation Solution Empowered a Globally Recognized FMCG Player
An IT transformation empowered a global FMCG leader take true advantage of omni-channel commerce to boost brand value and performance
Digital retail with SaaS expertise
Cybage Helped in Developing Services (SaaS Model) for a Leading Online Retailer
Saved upto 60% for an application service provider offering hosted solutions to manufacturers and partners by building and designing two separate platforms using different technologies.
Leading internet retailer opts for BI
Cybage Created an Enterprise BI and Reporting Solution for a Leading Internet Retailer
Built a platform to integrate different data sources on one platform and create a robust data warehouse using Datamart and Cubes for a distinguished online retailer of quality automotive parts and accessories nationwide.
Sophisticated SAP Solution Empowers a Leading Tech Provider
Cybage Created a Sophisticated SAP Solution to Empower a Leading Technology Distributor
Learn how Cybage used the SAP Cluster solution to assure high production system availability for a leading tech provider
Re-engineered and migrated a Magento-based e-commerce solution
Re-engineered and Migrated a Magento-based E-commerce Solution to SAP Hybris
Get to know how Cybage re-engineered and migrated an e-commerce solution to SAP Hybris.
Redefine Retail with RPA
Retail, Product Engineering, Technology Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Platform & Integrations, Digital Transformation, Support Services
Redefine Retail with RPA a Leap Towards New Industry Framework
This paper depicts the complete story of automation. We start by looking at the big picture of automation at Cybage that has played a key role in developing businesses and beyond. We will also analyze the state of businesses before and after the automation adoption.
5 Strategies for Improving your Retail Customer Experience
Retail, Integrated Commerce Enablement, Retail Product Engineering, Retail Transformation
5 Winning Strategies to Enhance Your Retail Customer Experience with Technology
Customers today have more choices than ever before. Driven by the surge in online shopping and evolving customer expectations, the retail landscape is dramatically transforming. Amid a vast array of…
A women exploring a digital device
Retail, Digital Transformation
Total Experience - How Wearable Can Enhance the Mall Experience
As the pandemic slows down and we learn to live with it, weekend recreation and shopping are steadily returning to normal. The last 2 years have forced enterprises to innovate and leverage automation…
Retail, Cloud, Digital Transformation, Support Services, Tech & App Support
What’s the Fast Track To Perfect Digital Experiences?
Experience Cloud is Salesforce's digital experience platform that can quickly build websites, portals, mobile apps, and other digital touchpoints to engage with customers, and digitize business…
Rapid proliferation
Retail, Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing
The Rapid Proliferation of eCommerce: Lessons Learned from COVID-19
COVID-19 led to a near-simultaneous shutdown of the global economy, with retail among the severely impacted. In responding to the global crisis, retailers turned to rapid large-scale digital…
retail banner
Retail, Software & Hi-Tech
Embracing Digital Transformation in Retail
PWA & AMPs Think Mobile First Our internet usage is evolving every day and so are the number of internet users. This has not only increased our usage of internet on mobile many-folds but has also…
A woman at the retail store using AI to shop for clothes.
How Advanced Digital Technologies Deliver Immersive Consumer Experiences
In this era of ‘Retail 2.0’, the lines between virtual and real are gradually blurring, with customers seeking convenience over costs. With numerous brands fighting for even a figment of consumer’s…

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