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Ashwin Parmar

Executive Vice President

Ashwin has been instrumental in establishing and consolidating Cybage capabilities that align with the dynamic contemporary landscape. He spearheads significant transformations for clients around the globe. He witnessed over two decades of industry evolution, providing him a game-changing edge to continuously reimagine solutions for the future.

An experience spanning numerous market shifts and tech disruptions has made Ashwin adept at grasping customer pulse. He focuses on counseling clients to devise and implement growth strategies while aligning their core values with the customer.

The hands-on skills garnered from working with a US giant have enabled him to lead the digital and physical evolution for several brands. Ashwin has served clients across multiple formats, from aspirant start-ups and innovators to market trendsetters by leveraging his cross-industry expertise to do so. He imparts unique perspectives gained by tackling head-on the very same challenges his clients face every day.

Ashwin holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from COEP Technological University and a Master of Business Administration in Materials Management. He has also spent part of his career in the boiler installation and commissioning domain. He has grown from mechanical engineering – spreading his wings in the digital engineering arena.

Ashwin continues to ensure that Cybage offers its clients more than just 'technological skills' to support them in a dynamic, highly demanding business environment.

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